#231 - The Angry Chicken: “Finding Necrofizzle”


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Battle.net Client Social features beta

The Group features that were datamined last week are now live in a beta version of the client.



Brode Bellow’s: Design lessons from improv

Ben Brode recently tweeted out a talk he gave internally at Blizzard back in 2015. In this Brode drew lines between what he learned in his improv class and how it can be applied to game design. It’s rather fascinating.


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Dear Perturbed Poultry,


I had a daily quest to play 75 murlocs, so I queued in with my Shaman “Unite the Murlocs” quest deck.


My opponent was a Priest, and a I was quickly able to play enough murlocs to finish the quest and gain my MegaFin. Meanwhile, my priestly opponent somehow ended up playing a Shadowreaper Anduin and gained the Voidform hero power. Then Raza the Chained gave him that hero power for 0 mana.


Somewhere along the line he had played two Radiant Elementals that “stuck” to the board giving him 0-cost spells! He must have had one Shadow Visions in what was left of his deck.


I know, I should have never let the priest get into this state, but I was focused on building a murloc board that could win me the game! I had 5 minions on board, 2 murlocs to each side of a Flametongue Totem. I had the Priest down to 5 health and I was at a comfy 26.


Then it happened…


The Priest starts playing an “infinite” series of 0-mana Shadow Visions and pinging my face with the 0-mana Voidform power! I watch in horror as he does this over and over, my health decreasing by 2 in an unending barrage. I’m ready to concede when the rope comes to my rescue! But will it be in time?


The rope finally burns out when I’m at 8! Then the animations continue! 6, 4, 2….


And then peace.


My turn. I top-deck a Bloodlust and bash my now 8-attack Murloc Warleader into his face for the win!


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*(Insert Thrall voice) Greetings friends,

I’ve been playing video games for about 2 decades now, and because of that, my nerdy friends and I have come up with a specific way of ranking games. I know every nerd has had the heated argument over which game is the “best” of a given franchise. To make everyone happy, the rule is that everyone will have their own favorite game and their own best game. An example of this is that I believe that Ocarina of Time is objectively the best Zelda game, but my favorite Zelda game is Wind Waker. Everyone has their favorite little thing that makes a game special and more fun to them. This concept is something that I thought could apply to the current Hearthstone expansions. So what is each of your favorite/best expansions or adventures?

Keep up the great work!


Greetings My Flock of Flustered Flappers,

I have been trying for years to get my brother into Hearthstone, and recently he started playing.  He loves it, but is often frustrated by his limited card collection that relegates him to rank 16 or 17.  (We’ve all heard this story before.)

He feels like he is making no progress, and this feeling is magnified when he queues into tier one decks stacked with legendaries he can’t afford to craft.  Well, he can afford it (He and I are both gainfully employed professionals) but he is hesitant to spend money for packs when his current experience is subpar— I think he would buy packs if he experienced more incremental progress and competitive success.

What do you think of this solution:

A “Classic Ladder” that allows only basic and classic cards.  Sure, the meta would be stale, but the limited format would give beginners a better chance at building a “tier one” (Classic)deck, they’d experience “progress” on ladder, and it’d be easier to grind wins for gold.

What do you think?

The usual response to these suggestions is that Blizzard won’t do it because it would hurt revenue, but I actually think a Classic Ladder would maximize revenue.  New players would enjoy the game a lot more. They’d learn the basics of tempo, card advantage, etc. that would translate to Standard.  And once they built a strong Classic deck, it probably wouldn’t be that expensive to modify it into a competitive Standard deck.

Tanner R

Dear Demented Dino Descendants,

I'm just a few mage wins away from getting all golden heroes. While I'm excited to get to that milestone, I wonder if no longer having a clearly defined goal will make me lose interest in the game. I guess the only thing left is to fill out my collection. I like to play more midrange to control type of decks, and there is no worse "feels bad" moment than spending 15+ minutes in a match only to lose and have NOTHING to show for it. This got me to thinking- why stop the leveling system at 60? When I play Overwatch, I get experience whether I win or lose and so the feeling of progression is constant. Why not reward players for the time they put in, even if they're not completing quests? Every level could maybe earn you a golden common from the standard or wild set, depending on the ladder you play. Do you think this would make playing slower decks feel more worthwhile? Thanks!


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