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News from New Croft

Members who took the opportunity to visit New Croft on the evening walk of 2nd July were not disappointed with the uncommon 20 species shown to them by Faith and Tony Moulin. The scarce Pepper Saxifrage was flowering, one of several umbellifer plants to be seen in the field. A new one for this year is corky fruited water dropwort. The narrow bordered five-spot burnet moth was seen resting on knapweed and the group was delighted to see clouds of marbled white butterflies in the late evening sunshine.

Tony and Faith explained how in 20 years of relaxed management nature has reclaimed the field and it has changed entirely from a closely grazed patch of grass with few flowers and invertebrates to a wonderful wildlife haven - an example of what can happen if nature is given a chance.



Nature as Your Neighbour at Stowey Reserve

Over 100 local people dropped into the YACWAG Stowey Reserve to learn about wildlife and enjoy what the nature reserve has to offer. Children enjoyed dissecting owl pellets  and rhyne dipping as well as going on a nature trail around the two fields. Some were fascinated by a machine to collect invertebrates from the long grass, while others collected natural material to make badges to wear home.

Stars of the show were the caddis fly larvae in their amazing cases and Tony’s collection of skulls.

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Workparty @ Yatton Station Garden Monday 29-07-19 10am-noon

Bat Survey @ Claverham Monday 29-07-19  9.10pm

Treasured Trees Walk Sunday 04-08-19  3pm 

Bat Survey @ Congresbury Monday 12-08-19  9.05pm

Bat Survey @ Congresbury Monday 19-08-19  8.50pm

20 Beautiful Birds Walk @ Littlewood Reserve 07-09-19  2.30pm

YACWAG chair Tony Moulin presents Irene Mills with a certificate and commemorative mug in recognition of the important work Irene had done for bats during the previous year.  Tony said that Irene had stepped in to teach others (in Cleeve) how to use a static bat detector. Because of her diligent work, and the resulting detailed bat survey, not only were the movements of bats in Cleeve better understood, but a planning application had acknowledged the work and refused development of a known bat foraging area. Irene has also carried out surveys in Kingston Seymour and taken a leading role in small mammal surveys on YACWAG reserves.

Recycling Reminder 

YACWAG recycles (through Terracyle) the following, please deliver empty packaging to:

 Sweet biscuit wrappers - 3 Barberry Farm Road, Yatton

Beauty products packaging - 132 Mendip Road, Yatton

Dental/oral care packaging - 132 Mendip Road, Yatton

For information on what is accepted in each programme visit https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/

Visiting Stowey Reserve


Chairman - Tony Moulin

Vice-Chairman - Richard Croucher

Treasurer - Viv French

Secretary - Win Lowman

Committee Members - Richard Ashley, Chris Moore, Juley Howard, Sue Lovesey, Bob Lowman, Faith Moulin

Representative Members - Arthur Hacking (Congresbury Parish Council), Roger Wood (Yatton Parish Council)     


Holly Blue on pyracantha. Photo by Bob Lowman