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YACWAG plans to keep in touch with members and the wider community via email and this website during the current difficult times.   WE’RE ALWAYS INTERESTED TO HEAR OF LOCAL WILDLIFE SIGHTINGS

Recycling Reminder 

YACWAG recycles (through Terracyle), please deliver empty packaging to:

 Sweet biscuit wrappers - 3 Barberry Farm Road, Yatton

Beauty products packaging - 132 Mendip Road, Yatton

Dental/oral care packaging - 132 Mendip Road, Yatton

For information on what is accepted in each programme visit https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/

2 photos from Ed Warneford-Thomson -

Cygnets practising their flying techniques on Congresbury Moor

Female blackcap - photo by Brian Osborne

Male Blackcap on Cadbury Hill - photo by Ed Warneford-Thomson

A trio of Tits - photo by The Burltons

Kestrel with prey - photo by Mark Savage

Heron & barn owl - photo by Mark James

Little owl - photo by Mark Savage

Great crested grebe - Photo by Natalie Parry

Red kite - photo by Ed Warneford-Thomson


Chairperson - Tony Moulin  Vice-Chairperson - Richard Croucher

Treasurer - Viv French Secretary - Win Lowman

Committee Members - Richard Ashley, Chris Moore, Juley Howard, Sue Lovesey, Bob Lowman, Faith Moulin

Representative Members - Arthur Hacking (Congresbury Parish Council), Roger Wood (Yatton Parish Council)