SCOTCH EGG Hard-boiled egg, wrapped in house-made, Irish-style seasoned sausage and baked in a crispy breading 7.99


SAUSAGE ROLLS House-made, Irish-style sausage baked in our flaky, all-butter pastry 7.99

SMOKED SALMON AND IRISH BROWN BREAD Lightly smoked salmon served with freshly baked Irish brown bread, herbed cream cheese spread, sliced tomatoes and green onions. Great for sharing or as an entree 13.99

--consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions--

🌱 CHIPS & CHUTNEY Potato chips served with chutney made from sweet onions, tomatoes, and spices 5.50

SANDWICHES Served with potato chips & Murphy’s slaw. Add cup  

                                             of soup 2.99 or stew 4.99

DUBLINER Slow-roasted, juicy Certified Angus® roast beef, caramelized onions, and melted Swiss cheese. Served on a toasted French roll with mayo 12.99

...add a cup of au jus for 1.00

CORNED BEEF & SWISS SANDWICH House-made, slow-braised corned beef brisket served hot with melted Swiss on a toasted French roll topped with Murphy’s Slaw, mayo, and mustard 11.99

B.L.T. Crisp bacon with fresh lettuce & tomato. Served on toast with mayo 8.50

🌱 GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH Simple and delicious. Choice of cheddar or

Swiss cheese, grilled crispy 8.50


🌱 POTATO LEEK SOUP & IRISH BROWN BREAD A classic country pub combination. A creamy, delicate soup of potatoes and sautéed leeks served with traditional Irish brown bread & butter. Cup 5.99; Bowl 7.99

IRISH STEW A traditional favorite. Choice pieces of Certified Angus® beef, potatoes, baby carrots and onions stewed in a perfectly seasoned, beefy broth. Served with French bread. Cup 7.50; Bowl 11.99

PIES & PASTIES served with a roll & choice of slaw or onion chutney

Substitute Irish brown bread 1.99  Add side salad or cup of soup 2.99
Add cup of stew 4.99

COTTAGE PIE A savory combination of lean minced beef, carrots, peas, and onions cooked in a traditional brown gravy. Topped with fluffy mashed potatoes and lightly browned 13.99

TRADITIONAL BEEF PASTY Inspired by the Cornish Pasty (pass-tee) from Celtic Cornwall in south-west Britain, our signature buttery, flaky house-made pastry is stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions 13.99

STEAK & MUSHROOM PASTY Chunks of Certified Angus® beef slow-cooked until fork tender with mushrooms and red wine in a hearty gravy. Baked inside our flaky, house-made pastry 14.99

STEAK & ALE PASTY Certified Angus® beef braised with carrots and onions in a rich beef gravy made with ale. Baked inside our flaky, house-made pastry 14.99

CHICKEN, LEEK & MUSHROOM PASTY Juicy, roasted chicken breast cooked with sautéed leeks and mushrooms in a lightly-herbed white wine cream sauce. Baked inside our flaky, house-made pastry 13.99

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA PASTY Roasted chicken breast simmered in a mild Indian curry sauce of tomato, cream, ginger, and freshly-ground spices. Baked inside our flaky, house-made pastry 13.99

🌱 MUSHROOM, LEEK & CHEESE PASTY This vegetarian pasty is a flaky pastry filled with mushrooms, sauteed leeks, herbed cheese sauce and roasted potatoes 13.99


🌱 PLOUGHMAN’S PLATTER  Your choice of one sausage roll, half a Scotch egg, boiled egg, or cup of soup served with salad, cheddar cheese, onion chutney, and your choice of roll, French or brown bread 9.99

🌱 PUB SALAD  Romaine lettuce, red cabbage, and shredded carrots with tomato, cucumber, radishes, green onions, croutons, and house vinaigrette. Served with a warm dinner roll 5.99

 ...add boiled egg $1, real bacon bits $.75, shredded cheddar $.75



French bread cooked with peaches in a creamy custard with a caramel whiskey sauce topping. Served with fresh whipped cream 6.99


The Claddagh Cottage is a cozy, neighborhood pub that has been around for over 20 years, known for its proper pints of Guinness, delicious home-style food, and authentic Irish atmosphere. Owners Scott & Vicki met at the pub's original location in 2000 and purchased the business in 2016. They re-opened at this location in 2018 after the original building was unexpectedly sold. ​Reusing original elements and recreating every detail of the pub in which they met, this new location is a fabulous update of the original pub.

🌱 = vegetarian, may contain dairy and/or egg