Ikemen Series Standee Raffle Mechanics


  1. The raffle is open to ALL Cosplay Mania ticket holders of any day who have purchased the Ikemen Series’ merchandise worth at least Php 1,500.

  1. Upon purchasing, the participant will receive a ticket to indicate that they are part of the raffle.

  1. Hiroto will choose the lucky winner from on his stage time on Day 2 (September 30). Customers CAN NOT choose which standee to take home.

  1. Winners MUST BE present during the Stage Time Raffle or else their prize will be forfeited to the next person whose ticket number is called.

  1. Once the winner has been selected, the raffle ticket must be shown to claim the prize. Photos of the winning ticket will not be allowed.

  1. Standees may appear slightly damaged upon receiving as they are used as display in the photobooths.

  1. Transport of the standees will be shouldered by the winners.

  1. Cosplay Mania ‘18 organizers reserve the right to refuse the winner in receiving their prize for tampering of tickets and/or any individual who ignores and/or violates any of the guidelines of the raffle.

Merchandise Selling Guidelines

  1. All official merchandise of Ikemen Series will be sold exclusively in the Cosplay Mania shop.

*Note: All guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.