2018-2019 Clubs and Activities at Gorham High School


There are so many opportunities to become involved at GHS by joining one or more of the various clubs available.  There is something for every interest!  Encourage your student to look at the list below and contact the appropriate advisor if he/she would like to find out more.

School Council                                Advisor: Mr. Panagakos, meets in GHS Library, 3rd Wednesday of the month  

School Council is made up of 10 students and 10 teachers. This Council is an opportunity for teachers and students to have an equal say about current issues that are arising in school.  Both students and teachers are also welcome to fill out a “proposal form” which is what the council debates to help fix.  All grievances are discussed and a solution is voted on.  There needs to be a 60 percent majority for the solution to be passed, which means teachers can't overpower the students and vice versa.  It’s a great experience for any student who is interested in making a difference in the school system.


Student Council                                 Advisor: Ms. Rockett, meets in GHS Library, Tuesdays

The members of Student Council are made up of eight representatives from each of the classes at Gorham High School.  These eight members are elected in their freshman, as well as the end of sophomore, years. Each member serves a two-year term.  The Student Council sponsors the majority of the dances, pep-rallies and Spirit Week, conducts Class Elections, sponsors the semi-annual Blood Drives, undertakes fundraisers for various causes, and more importantly, serves as a link from the student body to the administration.  The goal of the members of the Student Council is to make the experience here at Gorham High School more enjoyable for all.

SCHOLA                                Advisor: Ms. Allen

Members of this club put together our school yearbook every year. They take pictures of students during school as well as pictures of all the members of clubs and athletics. The yearbook staff not only collects pictures, but they are the ones who put the yearbook together in such a way that all of us can look back and remember our years here at Gorham High School.  The yearbook is completed digitally.

Math Team                                    Advisor: Mr. Becker, meets in Rm C-207, Wednesdays during Auxilium

The GHS Math Team is open to everyone.  We meet on Wednesdays during Auxilium to work on interesting math problems, and students can attend as often as they'd like.  The 5 regular-season math meets are held on Wednesday afternoons throughout the school year at various locations, and students can participate in as many of these as they choose.  The top 10 scorers from the regular-season meets are invited to attend the Maine State Math Meet in April. 

French Club                                Advisor: Ms. Greslick, meets in Rm C-218

French club is for anyone who would like to learn about French Culture.  This club includes activities like making French food and learning French culture while having fun with friends.  

Spanish Club                                Advisor: Señora Roy, meets in Rm C-200

Spanish Club is for anyone interested in Spanish culture.  In this club, students can take part in many Spanish games and activities, including cooking and Spanish scavenger hunts.  The Spanish Club also takes field trips to local Mexican and Spanish restaurants for a taste of what Spanish and Mexican culture is all about.

Prom                                        Advisor:  Ms. Stone, meets in Rm C-105

Prom Committee is a year-long committee that plans prom.  The committee is responsible for the entire prom from planning to implementation.  Everyone is welcome to join who is a junior or a senior. Attendance is not required at every meeting; however, regular attendance does make completing projects easier.

Fall Drama                                Advisor:  Ms. Tierney-Fife, meets in MPAC

The drama program at GHS includes a full length non-musical play performed in mid-November..  Auditions for the fall production take place in the first week after Labor Day, and rehearsals are ongoing until the performance.  Both actors and tech crew are needed.  

One-Act Play                                        Advisor:  Ms. Tierney-Fife, meets in MPAC

The One-Act play is performed at GHS in late February or early March, and then is entered into the Maine State Drama Festival.  Auditions will be held in December.  Students may be involved in the one act while also taking part in the musical.  Both actors and tech crew are needed.    

Thespian Society                                Advisor:  Ms. Tierney-Fife, meets in MPAC

The Thespian Society is the student theatre organization for any student interested in any element of theatre or performance.  Gorham High School’s group is chapter #7533 of the International Thespian Society.  Meetings begin in September, and our annual induction and recognition ceremony is in May.

Musical                                           Advisors:  Mr. Hurd, Mr. Murray, and Mr.Lortie, meets in Rm B-120 and MPAC

The musical takes place the first two weekends in February, but rehearses from the beginning of December until showtime.  Auditions will take place near the end of October.  There is always a great need for stage crew and lighting hands, as well.  

National Honor Society (NHS)                Advisor:  Ms. Sally Gherardi, meets in Rm B-205

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization recognizing outstanding high school students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Four main purposes have guided chapters of NHS from its origin in 1921:  "To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools" (from the NHS constitution).  These purposes also translate into the criteria used for membership selection in each local chapter.  The GHS chapter is open to applications from juniors and seniors, and is dedicated to advancing these four purposes through numerous activities, fundraisers and scholarships.

Civil Rights Team                        Advisor:  Ms. Grady and Ms. Blodgett, meets in Rm C-104

The mission of the Civil Rights Team Project is to increase the safety of students by reducing bias-motivated behaviors in our schools.  The focus of the GHS CRT is to build dialogue, awareness and empathy in our community.  As a team, we are looking to bring guest speakers to Auxilium as enrichment opportunities, to host an art contest for a school banner, designing and selling t-shirts in January, organizing and hosting Unity & Diversity Day, to attend several field trips including student advocacy training (in South Portland) and a spring celebration (in Augusta) and a Sea Dogs game (in Portland).


The Spill: The GHS Literary Magazine        Advisor: Mr. Patterson, meets in Portable A2 throughout year

Students in this club are the editors of the school literary magazine, The Spill. Members will discuss ways to get submissions from students and faculty in the fall. Members will also discuss the work that is submitted and decide which pieces will be included in the newest edition of The Spill. Students will work together on the layout and distribution of the magazine when the pieces have been chosen.

Key Club                                Advisor:  Mrs. Cherry

Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. What makes Key Club so successful is the fact that it is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through serving others. A branch of the Kiwanis International Family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.


Robotics Club                                Advisor:  Ms. Moutinho, contact MMoutinho5@gmail.com

The FIRST Robotics Team is an exciting, nationwide organization that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way.  The program is a challenging experience—and a lot of fun.  The competitions are high-tech spectator sporting events, the result of lots of focused brainstorming, real-world teamwork, dedicated mentoring, project timelines, and deadlines.

Rainbow League (LGBTQ)                Advisor: Mr. Roy, meets in Rm B-135  

The Rainbow League (formerly known as the Gay/Straight/Trans Alliance) is a group also creates awareness around LGBTQ issues and seeks to educate students and staff about acceptance, diversity, and equality across schools and the state of Maine.

INTERACT Club                Advisor:  Ms. Nelson, meets in Rm C-208 and the cafeteria (advisor from outside:  Ethan Johnson)

The Interact Club at Gorham High School is a group dedicated to creating a positive impact on our community and the world. Members of the club will participate in hands-on service projects in Gorham and neighboring communities. The group works jointly with the Gorham-Westbrook Rotary Club on developing leadership skills, as joining Interact Club provides the opportunity to gain community service hours through a rewarding experience. The club is open to all high school students.

Rock Climbing/Outing Club                Advisors:  Mr. Burnap & Ms. Franey (for more info, come to Rm B-113)

We believe rock climbing is for everyone, and that students can gain so much through this sport.  The Rock Climbing Club meets once a week, Wednesday nights, from 7-9 pm throughout the school year, at the Evo Rock and Fitness Club in Portland.  Students can join the club for the fall season (October – January), the spring season (February – May), or both. There are also two competitions during each season, where students compete against surrounding high school teams. Students must have their own transportation to and from practices and competitions, and a paid gym membership is necessary, which allows students to climb at the gym any time they are open.  Scholarships are available.

Game Club                                Advisor:  Ms. Walsh and Mr. Chicoine, meets in B-139 on Tuesdays

This group includes traditional card games, chess, cribbage and other board games, games on your laptop and even coloring activities and depends on the interest of those that attend. Multiple activities will occur at the same time. It will meet on Tuesday’s in Ms. Walsh’s room B201. It is open to everyone at any time. Consistent with school policy, students struggling academically will be encouraged to seek out help and prioritize academics.

Teen Trendsetters                        Advisor:  Ms. Bowers

Teen Trendsetters is a program sponsored by the Barbara Bush Family Literacy Organization and provides literacy tutoring by high school students to younger elementary students at Village School.  The tutors are trained in mentoring and commit to a weekly tutoring session.  Students are paired with a buddy that they stay with for the semester or the year if their schedule permits.  We go as a group and alternate each week by going during a study hall one week and during Auxilium the other week.  It is a great way to learn more about teaching, to work with young children, or to just give back to the community.

Model United Nations (USM)                Advisors:  Ms. Grady and Ms. Blodgett, meets in C-104

Students learn international relations and foreign policy while role-playing as delegates to the UN, debating real-life scenarios and current global issues.  The team will be attending the Maine Model United Nations Conference at USM in May, and also will be actively looking to connect with other local MUN teams and other conferences.

The Book Club                                Advisor:  Ms. Bowers, meets in Rm B-136A

If you love reading, come join the book club!  Come with your friends and read together, or come meet new book lovers!  Member input on book selections will be welcome.  If you want to be a member, send luci.bowers@gorhamschools.org an email.  She’ll schedule you to automatically come down every Tuesday auxilium, and we’ll formally meet there once a month.

Ambassadors’ Club                        Advisor:  TBD

Youth in Government                        Advisor:  Mr. Farrington, meets Wednesdays in Rm C-215

The Youth in Government program is designed for students with an interest in politics or current issues. Students in YIG learn the procedures and practice the skills that are needed to turn ideas into laws. This program meets weekly from September to November and culminates in a weekend session at the State House in Augusta, where students from across Maine hold their own legislative session, present their own original bills, and debate government policies.

Intramural Basketball                        Advisor:  Mr. Crosby and Mr. Chicoine, meets in the Gym

Odyssey of the Mind                        Advisor:  Ms. Knott (diane.knott@gorhamschools.org)

Equestrian Club                                Advisor:  Ms. Reynolds, meets on Thursdays in Rm C-202

Youth Court                                Advisors:  Mr. Burnap and Ms. Grady

Comedy Club                                Advisor:  Mr. Patterson, meets in Portable A2

Dream Factory Club                        Advisor:  Ms. Wyatt and Ms. Zarrilli

This club is affiliated with the national organization which grants dreams to chronically and critically ill children. Gorham High School currently has the only high school chapter in the state.  Our work primarily focuses on raising funds to  directly sponsor dreams.  Students also attend local meetings to help assist in the planning and execution of dreams for children all over Maine.

Writing Club                                Advisor:  Ms. Herlihy, meets in Portable A1

This club provides students with the time and space to write in a relaxed environment.  Students develop topics for writing, share their work, and provide feedback to one another.  Students work on writing assignments for school, as well as creative writing pieces for personal writing goals.  

Badminton Club                                Advisor:  Mr. Wojtal

The purpose of Badminton Club is to create a fun and free opportunity to play badminton among friends. The club will be right after school, so people have the option to take the late bus. The club is very casual, and if you can’t attend for any reason that is perfectly fine. We will set up singles and tournaments, but there will also be choices for less competitive players. Email me at samuel.waggoner@gorhamschools.org to join or get more information. We hope you come join us!

GirlUP                                        Advisor:  Ms. Wyatt, meets in Rm B-206

Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign, engages girls to stand up for girls, empowering each other and changing our world. The GHS chapter educates, promotes legislation, advocates, and raises funds for girls throughout the world.

Film Club                                Advisor:  Mr. Parvanta

Film Club is for students interested in any aspect of film production: acting, script writing, video editing, magic making, etc. Members will participate in multiple projects throughout the year that include short film contests, creating group and individual scripts, and learning about and engaging with the different aspects of film making. Students will also participate in improvisation games to practice the craft of acting.

Green Team                                Advisor:  Ms. Franey


The Studio Club                                         Advisor:  Mr. Roy, meets in Rm B-135

In the Studio Club, students create extracurricular multimedia projects that can be developed and taken farther than those undertaken in regular classes.

Debate Team                                    Advisor:  Mr. Panagakos, meets in Rm D-102

Fishing Club                                Advisor:  Mr. Landry and Mr. Crosby, meets in Rm B-215

Video Production Club                        Advisor:  Mr. Panagakos, meets in Rm D-102


Clubs that have existed in the past:

         Fixer Upper Club

Gorham GIRLS (Growing Independent Respectful Leaders with Solidarity)

Chess Club

        STAT (Students Taking Action Today)

Skateboard Club

Snowmobile Club

Bowling Club

Hacky Sack Club

Bocce Club

Garden Club

Tech & Engineering Club

Bicycle Repair Club

Home & Design Club

Knitting and Craft Club

Student Newspaper ("The Voice") 

Improv Club

Curling Club

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Graphic Arts & Photography Club

Acoustic Guitar Club

Dance Club

Slam Poetry

Ping Pong Club    

If you have an idea for a new club, just bring it to the office.