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Module 6: One-Way Synchronization

Coordinating and Timing Events Between Sprites Through Communication

Theme: Multicultural

Purpose: Students will learn to synchronize actions between sprites by using message passing.

Lesson Goals: I can...

  • Use broadcast and receive blocks to communicate between two sprites.
  • Draw and create an original sprite.
  • Use a single broadcast to many different sprites at the same time.

Activity 1: Message Passing to One or Multiple Sprites

Students use and modify Scratch projects that use message passing for both one-to-one and one-to-many synchronization.


Activity 2: Create with One-Way Synchronization

Students will create their own project that uses one-to-many synchronization. Students may choose to create a band with their choice of sprites and music, or they may have a new idea for how to use one-to-many synchronization in a project.


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