Once you are licensed, you will begin receiving calls for placements! Before you accept a child into your home, here are some questions to ask to assist with your decision. We always recommend you grab a paper and pen to write down the information as you receive it.

Although the social worker may not be able to answer all of your questions at that time, you have the right to request the information that is important to you and receive follow up before agreeing to placement.

1. What is the child’s first and last name?

2. How old are they?

3. Why is the child in foster care?

4. Have they just entered foster care?

a. If not, how long have they been in care? Why are they switching homes?

b. How many foster placements has the child been in?

5. What is the expected length of placement?

6. Who is the child’s social worker (first and last name)? What is their phone number and

email address?

7. Is the child in daycare or school?

a. What is their schedule?

b. Where is the daycare or school located, and how do they get there?

c. Do they go to after school care?

8. Does the child have any medical problems or special needs?

a. Are they taking any medications?

9. Does the child have mental health issues?

a. Is the child in therapy? If so, where?

10. Does the child have any behavioral problems or a past criminal record?

If you decide to move forward with the placement, congratulations! Once you are able to be in contact with the child’s social worker, we recommend you utilize our Placement Information for Foster Parents template to prepare for their arrival.