DATE: 9 April 2018


PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Elias Kaweme, Hardus van Deventer, Asaph Jeka, Lourens de Lange, Carol Lindeque and Charlotte von Stade

                            Apologies: Cornelia Mol



2.            INTRODUCTION











The team starts off informally discussing the topic of judgement.

Carol says one of the last things Jesus did, was to wash the feet of His disciples. Out of all the things He could have done, Jesus chose to do this. We need to wash one another's feet because our feet get dirty as we walk through life. Washing each other's feet, equals judging each other's lives.


Charlotte says there are things we must judge and things we are not allowed to judge.

We must judge fruit and doctrine but we may not judge people's motives or their salvation, because those only God can judge accurately.


Hugo says the principle that we need to take the log out of our own eye first, must always be applied before we take the splinter out of our brother's eye. Judgement is not to condemn, but to bring you in alignment with God's word.


Lourens says we must remember that we are not called to judge unbelievers, but only believers. When you judge a fellow believer, you must never have a sentence in your heart. The warning must always be in love.


Heidi (who follows the meeting live on Facebook) says we must judge and act or a thing, but not a person.

After 400 AD church went downward. With reformation God started to restore truths to church, and it is ongoing process. Martin Luther had one part of truth, Wesley restored holiness.


Hugo uses the analogy of looking at the stars. In the city where there is much air pollution, we see very few stars. When we go to a rural area, we see much more stars. The thinner the veil becomes, the clearer we see the stars. The thinner the veil of pollution (sin) becomes between us and God, the clearer we will see Him.

It is our responsibility as Kingdom Global leadership to watch out for one another.


Elias says we must not allow the gospel to be perverted by our lifestyle. Holiness is freedom; it is like being cleansed after working hard the whole day.  When we repent it must be because of our relationship with God, we must not focus on the enemy.


When we sin, there are 2 voices: that of enemy (condemnation) and that of the Holy Spirit (conviction). Condemnation leads to depression. Condemnation pulls you down, Conviction lifts you up. We must ignore the devil but not the Holy Spirit.


The meeting is officially opened in prayer.


2.             INTRODUCTION


The foundation for our work has been set in quarter one. In the second Quarter we will not repeat what we have done, but will continue to build on and refine it. Most important is that we have established a mind set.


Hardus and Elias will start to map out Russia. They must map out 7 Federal regions and 89 Districts.





We have to note the big cities of world. Important cities are:

Dubai - in an economical sense, Jerusalem - in a spiritual sense. In the Muslim world, Cairo is of importance to us, because the elite of the Muslims go to university there. Hugo will get the name of that university so it can be added to the map.


Large financial centres in the East are Singapore and Hong Kong. In the West it is London and New York. In Southern Africa it is Mandela Square in Sandton City and Cape Town. In East Africa it is Nairobi and in West Africa, Logos. It is important to know the significance of these cities. Interestingly, Nairobi and Johannesburg have very much same number of people living there.


In Europe London, Paris and Berlin is of huge significance to us. In the USA it is New York and Houston, which is the oil capital. Most of the evangelism that is done in Houston is in Spanish. Washington DC is also an important centre for Kingdom Global.


Hugo asks that we pray for David and Francis for a breakthrough in Japan.


We will start to move in the USA and also Moscow. Hardus says there are 47 mega cities in the world. Hugo says we have to understand where and why the mega cities are there.


Hardus and Elias must put the mapping of China on hold for now in favour of Russia because Carol and Danie are going there this week.

For Cape Town we want to map out all the suburbs. It is noteworthy that Cape Town started opening up to us after Angus Buchan's prayer meeting in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, on 24 March.


Hardus says that people in both Cape Town and Mussina, want to meet with Kingdom Global. Hugo says we will set up a cyber meeting.


It is time to get the message of the Kingdom to communities, not to get communities to join a church. In Russia there are many Christians outside churches. We need to visit more people. We specifically need to visit Secunda. It is very encouraging to people if they meet the team members in person.


On 2 June we will meet with the farmers in the Secunda/Ermelo area. We could use the momentum of that meeting so that while we meet with the farmers, other team members meet with workers.





Hardus and Jackie and Nico and Charlotte visited Willie and Rolien van Vuuren on Sonday. This is the start of Ekurhuleni Kingdom Community. Rolien is a great teacher; we must share her teachings worldwide. She started with basics with her young team.

Nico shared part of the Kingdom Global heart with them while Hardus shared the Facebook and Whatsapp groups with them.  We have to visit small groups more and get them to think wider, we need to show them how to think about building the Kingdom.





Rolien asked if they need to register as a church if people want to pay tithes. Hugo says they are a local church and must register as a church and open a bank account for church. Heidi could advise us on what to do. They can also register as a trust. All Kingdom Communities affiliate with us spiritually but they all are separate legal entities with their own bank account for which they take responsibility. All Kingdom Global would like, is if they follow the Kingdom Global principle to use 10% of their income for a community outside their own. Adriaan Bezuidenhout or Jaco Mol might also be able to give legal advice on this.


Hugo says Willie and Rolien also need to meet with Asaph.





When any project gets big enough, it will become separate entity. This means it will be very difficult to shut us down. For instance, SARS could shut down the bank account of one or two KC's but not all. There is the possibility that a project could go off track, but rather that than what we hold everything in one hand and it reaches no one.


Elias asks what if a Kingdom Community opens a profitable project. Can they use our Pty Ltd. or must they open their own? Hugo says we give people who want to open such a project the opportunity to start the project under Kingdom Global Capital Pty Ltd. Once money starts to flow in from that project, they can register a separate company.


Lourens says we must remember that Government will give money to a business but they want a track record. Hugo says in such a case, we can provide the track record for them; a track record of funds flowing from KG TEAM to Kingdom Global Communities will open doors for us.


Dean and Linda are starting to train people to start their own businesses. We need to meet with them before end of week since we already have situations in Mabopane where we need business training.


Dean and Nico must meet to discuss a possible tender for training in Government.





Hardus and Elias will oversee the distribution of teachings. We need a list of specific people who will repost teachings that will be finalised by Friday evening.


When we have one contact person in a specific city, we can ask him to open groups in that city.





Asaph asks what about the Kingdom Compassion project in Tembisa. Hugo says we need that project to be successful before we start a new one.

The information on donations, etc. received for this project needs to be sent to Charlotte so she can compile report. Lourens suggests that we start a blog where this information is documented. Asaph will give Charlotte access to this blog for editing purposes.

Hugo says when people donate; we must always ask them if they want to be named. Sometimes people would prefer to remain anonymous. Nico must find out from Adriaan Bezuidenhout how tax exemption certificates work that we can issue to companies who make donations.


The meeting is closed in prayer.