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FY 2022-2027

Strategic Plan

Reformatting Program


Division of Archives and Records Service

Statement of Priority

With this strategic plan, the Reformatting Program will continue to evolve to meet the reformatting needs of internal and external service users. The program will connect and collaborate with other Utah State Archives and Records Service (“Archives”) programs including Digital Archives, Digital Preservation, Local Government, Records and Information Management (“RIM”), and Open Government. The Reformatting Program provides services to further the goals and objectives of its internal programs. High level services will be offered (to a professional standard) through the Reformatting Program.

Agency Mission

The Archives’ mission is to create innovative solutions that will assist Utah government agencies in the efficient management of their records, to preserve those records of enduring value, and to provide quality access to public information.


A high-functioning Reformatting Program acts as a key service of the Archives. Originally established to manage microphotography and microfilm processing, the program has evolved and now provides digitization services. The Reformatting Program helps ensure that Archives meets its mandates of preserving and providing access to the permanent records of government. It also fulfills an important service function for governmental entities by offering reformatting services that can help them better meet their records management obligations.

Strategic Goals

The framework for the strategic goals and objectives outlined below directly correlates with the Archives’ Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2020-2025. Each goal’s objectives are informed by current and future needs, and serve as the Reformatting Program’s contribution to the agency’s vision for “One Archive”.

Strategic Goal #1: Meet Users Where they Are

Strategic Goal #2: Modernize Our Methods

Strategic Goal #3: Act as the Professional Leader for Utah

Strategic Goal #4: Build Our Future Through Our People


The outcomes of these strategic goals and objectives are mapped into three phases: Infrastructure Building, Digital Preservation, and Innovation. These are rough timeline estimates for each phase. Phases II and III are dependent upon a digital preservation and electronic records management system being in place. Goals and outcomes will be assessed each fiscal year and adjusted as necessary.

Phase I: Infrastructure Building, FY 22-24

Phase II: Digital Preservation, FY 25-26

Phase III: Innovation, FY 27

FINAL DRAFT, September 27, 2021