Roundtable 1: Multi-Modal Transportation

Multi modal transportation


facilitator: Kim Trotter


Topics: group interests

            Public transit

            Parking challenges / where and when

            Pedestrian safety / snow removal

            Cyclists vs motorists / safety

            Micro-transit / scooters, etc. On sidewalks

            Get people out of cars

            Trail strategies / connectivity and multi-modal use

            Traffic volumes / congestion / transit / cycling lanes

            Regional bus system

            Presence of highways  / challenge as dividing parts of community

            Local habit vs visitor habits re: transportation

            Roles of business in supporting walkability vs parking near businesses

            Cost of public transportation to other communities

            How to measure impacts of changes to transportation

            How to plan beyond parking for residents and for visitors


Clear themes


            Cycling and pedestrian safety

                        medians, traffic-calming, traffic speeds,

                        fencing along rails for pedestrian and cycling safety - forces crossings to                                                            specific locations, separated cycle lanes have been resisted in Banff and                                                      resulted in drop in speeds on roads, seasonal bollards to differentiate cycle                                           lanes from vehicle lanes, responsibility of cyclists and pedestrians for personal                                       safety with the ways that they ride and walk (one-way streets, ignoring “rules” of                         road, lack of reflective clothing, jay-walking without any regard for traffic,                                                             distracted cycling and walking)

            Modal diversion - get people out of cars

                        paid parking, expensive enough to discourage car use

                        permits for local residents

                        free regional transportation

                        employee parking lots connected by shuttle for commuting employees

                        uniform price of all taxi trips (e.g. Iqaluit, Nunavut)

                        Legacy trail combines with bus travel in Bow Valley

                        passenger rail? Efforts to reestablish rail travel between Canmore and points                                                       west - needs a new rail line, parallel to CP within the right-of-way                                                      (private sector involvement)

                        some small investment in electric vehicles - electric vehicles on uptake in                                                  Juneau - limited roads, lots of charging stations