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Pandemic Pods Chapters
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Members of Pandemic Pods - Main are welcome to join up to three local chapters that make sense given the geography of your life. Members without a significant local presence, who join primarily to promote a business, or who join more than three local chapters may be removed and blocked.


Contra Costa County (Littldata/Lian)

Los Angeles (Lori, Didi)

Napa County (Littldata/Lian)

Oakland/Berkeley (Littldata/Lian)

Orange County (Malek)

Sacramento (Carey, Anna)

San Diego (Scott, Andres)

San Francisco  (Gerald, Lian)

San Jose (Arthi)

San Mateo (Serene)

San Leandro to Livermore  (Jeffrey)

Santa Barbara (Natasha, Tom)

Santa Clara County (Liqa)

Sonoma County (Jill)

Stockton/Lodi (Sonja)


Boulder/Weld Counties (Stacey)

Colorado Springs (Shannon)

Denver (Nicole, Elphie)

Laporte/Bellvue (Karen)

Northern Colorado (Elphie)


Fairfield County (Valerie)        


Broward County (Kara)

Jacksonville (Natalie)

Orlando (Marissa **seeking co-moderator**)

Palm Beach County (Elizabeth)

Sarasota County (Bridget)


DuPage County (Melissa)

McLean County (Lana)


Indianapolis (Karen)


Douglas County (Taurii)


Central KY (Sarah)

Louisville (Lauren)


Midcoast Maine (Gina)


Baltimore (Danielle)

Harford County (Rachel and Shilpa)

Montgomery County (Kate)


Merrimack Valley (MA and NH) (April)

Worcester (Kristin)


Greater Twin Cities (Lanica)

West Central MN (Jennifer)


Kansas City (Kelly)

St. Louis/St. Charles (Erin)


Northern Nevada (Sail)


New Hampshire (Allie)


Central New Jersey (Desiree)

North New Jersey (Carolyn and Kristin)

South New Jersey (Michelle)


Albuquerque (Seth)


Brooklyn (Koda)

Columbia County (*seeking new mod*)

Dutchess County (Glenn)

Manhattan NY (Heather and Stephanie)

Nassau County (Julissa)

North Country (Ann)

Queens New York (He Tianli)

Rochester New York (Stephanie)

Rockland County (Kristin)

Suffolk County (Lucia)

Westchester County (Emily, Kaz)

Western New York (Kelly)


Cabarrus County (Emani)

Charlotte (Kay)

Durham (Sarah)

Raleigh (Camille)


Eugene/Springfield (Melissa and Sarah)

Jackson County (Dana)

Marion/Polk (Christal)

Josephine County (Cat)


Bucks County (Adrienne, Allison)

Lehigh Valley (Crystal)

Montgomery County (**seeking new mod**)

Philadelphia (Cheryl)

Pittsburgh (Jennifer, Cátia)

South Central PA (Tracy)


Newport County (Sarah)


Knoxville (Claudette)

Memphis (Dorothy)


Dallas/North Suburbs (Kristina)

El Paso (Bucky)

Fort Worth/ Keller (Sarah, Chelsey, Olivia)

Houston (Allison)

Tarrant County (Richel)


Salt Lake County (Mikelle)


Seattle (Matthew)

Tri-Cities (Alicia)

Yakima County (Melissa, Krista)


Madison (Anna)


Southeast Alaska (Cherry, Lily)

Morgan Hill/Gilroy (MariaElena)


These are Pandemic Pods-related Facebook groups whose values and goals are closely aligned with our own, and whose specific missions are filling a need that the main Pandemic Pods group and local chapters are not able to fill.

[List to come]


Want to volunteer to moderate a group for which we’re seeking a new moderator? Please reach out to us at Pandemic Pods - Chapters.

If you’re the Admin of a pandemic pods-related Facebook group and would like to join our List of Related Groups, please use this form. If the values and goals of your Facebook group are closely aligned with our own, and if your mission is addressing a specific need that the main Pandemic Pods group and local chapters are not able to fill, in some cases we will also reach out to you to invite you to affiliate your group as a non-geographic chapter. This just means that we'll include you on this page in our list of Non-Geographic Chapters and ask you to join our private community of Pandemic Pods moderators, for mutual support.

You can now start a new U.S.-based local chapter or get ready to affiliate an existing group without waiting for help. Please see our guide, How To Start A Pandemic Pods Local Chapter.