For Further Research:

The initiating group of people and partner organizations has been researching the independents in several formats from the master thesis, Ph.D. dissertations, articles as well as trying to help to empower the scene by organizing several public events.  Here can be found a bibliography of researches on the scene:

Meetings and Workshops:

A 4-day workshop Led by Ekmel Ertan, in the frame of “Unblocking: exploring the new ways of cooperation and solidarity, through shared analysis of the political, economic and artistic situation to lead to concrete cross-cultural projects between independent actors” a research and networking meeting in İstanbul

18th - 22nd of January 2016 - TAK (Kadıköy) organized by amberPlatform (İstanbul) for iTeam meeting by RCE (Paris) in collaboration with Bunker (Ljubljana) and Terra Musica (İstanbul)

amberPlatform made a call for the Visibility Project to independents to contribute to Contemporary İstanbul with a plant and a motto to protest the exclusion of independents by institutions and market

2006 The “artists' initiatives” meeting @ PİST

Sanatçı inisiyatifi nedir? Sadece bir tanımı mı vardır? Pek çok sanatçı inisiyatifi “alternatif” olduğunu iddia eder. Neye alternatiflerdir? Sanat camiasında neye hizmet ederler? Organized by Beral Madra, İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency Visual Arts Directorate (2009).

19 Jan-24 Feb 2018, Kasa Galeri; Kolektifler Buluşması Video 1 ve Video 2 


Thesis and articles