Smithtown FIRST Robotics Team

Safety Contract

Name: _______________________________________ (print neatly)

General Safety Rules

  1. The most important rule is (ABC), always be careful.
  2. Wear eye protection (safety glasses or goggles) at all times in the shop.  It’s a New York State Law!
  3. All students and mentors are REQUIRED to provide their own safety glasses at competitions.
  4. When using loud equipment, hearing protection should be worn.
  5. Know the locations of all panic buttons.
  6. In case of fire alarm, turn off machines and follow the directions of Mr. Savage or Mr. Costello.
  7. Do not fool around, throw things or run while attending meetings. 
  8. Do not call out from across the room unless there is an emergency.  Excessive noise is dangerous; it causes distractions.
  9. If you see anything that is damaged or unsafe, tell Mr. Savage or Mr. Costello immediately.
  10.  Do not use any tools, materials or equipment until you have been instructed in their proper use.
  11. Use and turn on machines, ONLY after you have asked Mr. Savage or Mr. Costello’s permission.
  12.  Do not crowd around teammates or talk to them while they are using machines.
  13.  Remove loose clothing and jewelry, roll sleeves above the elbows and tie back long hair before operating machinery.  Closed toed shoes are required.
  14.  Do not lean on machinery.
  15.  Do not use any equipment that you do not feel confident about.
  16.  Notify Mr. Savage or Mr. Costello immediately of any injuries.
  17.  Carry sharp objects by the handle, against your side, with the sharp end pointed down.
  18.  When working with hot glue guns or soldering equipment, never leave them along the edge of the workbench.
  19.  Always use a hand broom to sweep workbenches; never your hands.
  20.  The best safety device is your mind… think before doing!

I have read and understand all of the above safety rules.  I will conduct myself in a way that will protect the well-being of others and myself at Robotics.  I also understand that if I do not follow the safety rules my work privileges will be revoked and disciplinary actions will follow.

Signed: __________________________________     Date: ___________________

Parent or Guardian:  Please review the above safety rules with your child and sign below.  It is very important that all students act in a safe manner when at Robotics so we may assure the safety of your child and others.   Please feel free to contact me with any special needs or concerns for your child.  Thank you for your cooperation – Mr. Savage – Email:

Parent Signature: __________________________   Date:___________________

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