The Bulldog Bark

August 2019



By: Principal, Emily Shaw

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year. I am so excited to start a new school year at AHS.  I want to take a minute to share some information about myself. As a child I went to Stanfield Elementary and West Stanly High School. When I was in college I knew that I wanted to give back to the school system that taught me so much. I was able to start teaching 7th and 8th grade at Running Creek School/West Stanly Middle School  for 10 years.  I went to West Stanly High School as an Assistant Principal for 2.5 years before becoming Principal at Norwood. After being at Norwood for one year I was fortunate enough to become Principal at Albemarle High School.  A cool fact to know about me is that I am a  huge Atlanta Braves fan and I am fascinated with abandoned amusement parks!

I am certain we will have successful year full of learning experiences that will last a lifetime! We are proud to announce that Albemarle High School will continue with its focus on instruction for the 2019-2020  school year. It is my goal to nurture and strengthen our students to prepare them to excel in school and in life.    ~ Mrs. Shaw

New Staff

By: Mar’qez Charles

With the start of school comes new opportunities and staff members. AHS has all positions filled under Principal, Mrs.Emily Shaw: including a new Guidance Counselor, Data Manager, Spanish Teacher, Math Teacher, EC teachers, Testing Coordinator Band director, CDC specialist, and  Technology Specialist.

Mr. Smith- Spanish >>

Mrs. Slade- Technology^^

Mr. Poplin- Advanced Manufacturing>>

August Jokes

    Q: Why did nose not want to go to school?

     A: He was tired of getting picked on!

   Q: Why did the kids study in the airplane?

   A: Because he wanted a higher education!

   Q: How do you get straight A's?

   A: By using a ruler!

   Q: What did you learn in school today?

   A: Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow!

Bulldog Brag

By: Taniah Harrison

This month Mrs. Shaw has chosen a special student to brag on. Somahje Porter has been chosen because she has been showing new students around with a friendly, smiling face.


The rock saw a few makeovers and changes last year, and this year will be no different. The graduation cap that was on the rock to honor the 2019 seniors has now been painted over and welcome back paw prints have taken its place. The journalism class will be painting the rock throughout the year and would love ideas and input if you have any! Don’t forget you can even rent out the rock if you want to celebrate someone or an event. Contact Mrs. Wright for more information on rock rental if you would like to know more!  

Clubs & Acceleration

By: Teagan Patterson

Each day at 1:00, students will be attending acceleration until 1:30pm. On Mondays, students will go to acceleration for their 1st block class. Tuesdays, students will go to 2nd block during acceleration. Wednesdays are a little different, so students will either go to prep factory or a club. On the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, students will attend prep factory, which is ACT review. On the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month, students will report to their clubs. Thursdays will be the days to go to 3rd block for acceleration, and students will go to 4th block during acceleration time on Fridays.

There will be a form sent out soon that lists the available clubs along with their explanations. Here are just a few of the wonderful clubs that will be available for this month. Albemarle High School will have Citizen Science, Yoga, Skills USA, Sci-fi fantasy, Social justice, Service, Anti-bullying, and much more! There should be no lack of interest for every student at the school to find a club that they would enjoy. Each club will be lead by a teacher from the school.

Bark Preview:

Student Spotlight: Page 4

Sport Puzzle: Page 3


Homecoming is quickly approaching, and there is a lot that goes into the big event. It will be October 25th. The spirit days haven’t been announced yet, but students usually get a say in what the days will be. Last year there was a giant lawn party after the homecoming pep rally, and students really seemed to like the free food, games, and of course the dunking booth!

Kicking Off with a Pep Rally

The first pep rally of the year was Friday, August 30th. The band played and cheerleaders performed a new dance. The seniors won the spirit stick, but the 10th graders were hard to beat. The game that was played at the pep rally was a hula relay. In the end it came down to the seniors and sophomores again, but this time the sophomores won! The more loud and excited students are at the pep rally the more fun everyone will have, so if you were shy and didn’t scream and shout this time, try and be louder next time!

Thank a Teacher

By: Ta’Ryia McNeil

Ms.Hathcock is one of the most enjoyable teachers I have had. She made art my favorite class in 9th grade and she shouldn't ever change the way she teaches! I really appreciate the depth and effort she puts into her lessons. There was never a dull moment in her class with the games projects and other activities we did. Other students have said nice things about her class as well. Thank you for what you do.

New Wing Place

by: Aubri Spencer

There is a new wing place coming to Albemarle by the Little Tokyo on 52. There is already an East Coast Wings on the other side of town anyways. On 52 we need more restaurants because there aren’t a lot of options. 

Stanly County Fair

Can you smell the fried food and hear the loud screams?? The fair is September 24th-28th! If you missed out no worries-- you could always go the NC State Fair in Raleigh later on in October!

Paint Job?

By: Teagan Patterson

The staff at Albemarle High School were excited to learn that the science hall would be painted a fresh new color a few days before school. “It looked grimy and old before. We needed that new paint,” said Mrs.Shaw, principal of the school. The previous color of the hallway was a burgundy shade, which had reportedly been there ever since the school was built. Some say that the color had ranged from a burgundy/red to a weird purple, and then a blue shade, and didn’t match the school color scheme. When superintendent, Dr. James, came to visit the school recently, he noticed the old paint and ensured that funding was available for AHS to get the new paint needed to repaint the science hall.

Weapons at the Bus Stop?

By: Nay Bruton

Earlier in August, a mother with a child from North Stanly Middle School who was being bullied brought an assault rifle to the bus stop. However, she stated she saw coyotes in the woods and that the rifle was to use for  protection against them. A video was taken from a student on the bus of the parent holding the rifle. No charges were filed against the parent.

Friday Night Lights

By:Quez Charles

The 2019 Albemarle High School Football season is underway. Head Coach Richard Davis is going into his third year and still building up this program. Leaving the 2018 season behind with a record of 4-7. The team is looking to get the County and Conference title back according to Quarterback, Tony Burns.

#20 Julius Smith Far Left ,#25 DJ Watkins side, #65  Niquan Carpenter, #75 Unique Carvalho , #55 Monta Hall Far Right

Pom Poms and New Uniforms

By: Nay Bruton

Albemarle High School cheerleaders are looking forward to this season.The Boosters club provided new black cheer uniforms for the girls.The AHS Bulldogs have learned new dances and cheers for the new season. They can't wait to share their cheers and excitement with everyone on the track for the football games and on the bleachers for basketball. The cheerleaders are great role models and have positive attitudes. The cheerleaders participate in pep rallies, competitions, cheer camps, and much more. We can't wait to see what the Albemarle Cheerleaders bring this year.

Tennis Squad

By: Quez Charles

The 2019 Albemarle High School Women Tennis season is underway.The Head Coach, Mrs.Vivian Bridges, is glad to be back with her players this season. Along with that comes new uniforms, which were bought by The Bulldog Boosters Club. They started the season off strong, only losing against North Stanly & Uwharrie Charter this past week. Good luck ladies on the season.

X-Country: New Coach

The x-Country team has a new coach this year as Mr. Dunbar is no longer here at AHS. Mr. Lily is the new coach and though the team isn’t very large they have a few runners who have the chance to set some PRs and maybe go to regionals.

Summer Break: Students

By: Teagan Patterson

As excited as everybody was to come back to school, we all enjoyed our summer break while it lasted. From visiting New York to babysitting, this summer has been quite the adventure. Below are a few of the stories shared from our wonderful students.

Nay Bruton: “The best part of my Summer was getting to stay in the UNCC dorms. I traveled to New York, saw The Temptations play, went to multiple African-American history museums, and visited Times Square. I also toured colleges, had a birthday party, went to Carowinds, and Wet ‘n Wild.”

Ta’Ryia McNeil: “I mostly stayed in bed and babysat. I also went swimming though, and went to Hilton Head Island beach. I attended a couple of basketball and volleyball games as well.”

Summer Break: Staff

By: Trinity Ayers

Since summer ended and we’re all back in school, of course we have to know what everybody did for their summer break.

This time we asked teachers what the teachers did on their not-so-long summer break.

        Mrs.Daniels said that she “managed the city pools and was mainly at the pool with the lifeguards makin’ money.”

        Mr.Davis said that he “went to the beach for a few days and of course worked and coached football.”

        Mrs.Seamon got to go to a week long conference for AP calculus and she said that she’s “looking forward to being able to teach AP calculus in the future!”

Coach Raye got to “go to South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and Florida (just to name a few places) to watch my son, Marc Raye Jr., play basketball.”

New Technology in Rooms

By: Alex Medina

This school year at AHS and the other Stanly County highschool teachers received interactive panels for their classrooms. So far, it seems many of the teachers have enjoyed them and are taking a liking to them- when they work. This is a step up from last year as they only had white boards to write on or they would use their laptop and a monitor. The interactive screen allows teachers to work on the board, pull up information from google and it also allows teachers to teach the class from it.

Hurricane Season Begins  

By: Trinity Ayers

Hurricane Dorian has gone from a tropical storm to a category 4 hurricane and has caused massive destruction to the Bahamas. There was a fear of Dorian hitting Florida and even the east coast.To prepare, Florida’s governor extended the emergency declaration to all of the counties. In general hurricanes are not to be underestimated and experts say everyone should prepare for the hurricane and get 7 days worth of food, medicine and other supplies.

Threat Assessment Intervention Plan

By: Ta’Ryia McNeil

Educators and higher authority such as administrators from across the county have made the decision to come out with a threat assessment and intervention plan. This assessment is thought to lower the violence in the communities and school systems . The assessment itself is designed to identify the likelihood of a student being able to commit a crime. This test also develops a plan to protect potential victims and confront the conflict itself also allows the student to get the help if needed to get out of the violent mindset . Each school will come up with its own threat assessment  and help the student before the can create a school-wide problem. Albemarle High School

Crossword Puzzle

By: Aubri Spencer

Sport Teams

With each new season there is always a wide variety of sporting teams students can choose to be involved with. Below you can find some of the options students have- we encourage all students to be involved! Who knows, you may find something you love!

Fall Season:

Football                  Volleyball          Women’s Golf      

X-Country              Cheerleading

Women’s Tennis   Men’s Soccer

Winter Season: 

Cheerleading      Men’s Basketball       Women’s Basketball

Swimming         Wrestling        

Spring Season:

Women’s Soccer     Track       Men’s Golf

Baseball        Softball        

Men’s Soccer

By: Alex Medina     

Mens soccer has started their season and Coach Moeller’s team has played 3 games so far, which were Anson, West Stanly, and Anson once again. They two won 2 out of those 3 games, both against Anson. The score was 8-3 the first game against Anson and the second game against them was 9-0. When they played West Stanly, however, they lost with a score of 0-3. Some things players are looking forward to this soccer season are winning future games and trying their absolute best. A lot of incoming freshmen have joined the soccer team this year and the team so far is doing well, hopefully they continue the good work and win the rest of their games this season.                    

Bump, Set, Spike

By: Taniah Harrison   

I talked to N’dia Ewing about the volleyball game they will be playing against North Stanly. I asked N’dia how she felt about the game and she responded by saying “I feel pretty confident. I feel like JV, we can take a dub… and we gon’ have a good time.” I really loved her high confidence. She also says JV has grown a lot over the seasons especially considering this is the first year playing volleyball for some of them. She pointed some girls out by saying Zaynah has gotten better at setting and Peyton has gotten better at passing. N’dia said she was most excited about for the games, to celebrate, and “most definitely that banquet.”

The Varsity Volleyball team has a total of nine girls. The starters are Graylin Oliveri (outside hitter), Ayanna Ridenhour (middle hitter), Taniah Harrison (setter), Somajhe Porter (middle back), MaryGrace Khrol (weak side hitter), and Courtney Thompson (libero). The team is working hard to do well this year. They are also receiving new uniforms that will be coming in soon.


By: Aubri Spencer

This year at Albemarle High School, we will not have a yearbook  because we did not sell enough last year. The prices start at $40 in August and go up as the year goes on. Not a lot of people bought them while they were cheap, so as they get more expensive, nobody wanted to buy them.

School Supplies

With the start of a new year students AND teachers head to Walmart, Target, or OfficeMax for their supplies. We asked around to see the favorite buys for both staff and students!

By: Araceli Rojas


Mrs. Hamilton said some of her favorites are:

Ink pens, Sticky notes, Pencils, Glue sticks, Scissors, Color pencils, Markers, Binders, Notebook paper, Dividers, Index cards, Paperclips, Staplers, Folders

Mr. Smith said his favorites are:

Sticky notes and colored markers

Mrs. Liberman said her favorites are:

Graph paper, colored markers, colored pencils, patty paper



Brooklyn Gravens (9th) says her favorite supply are notebooks

Izzy Drake (11th) says her favorite thing to buy are highlighters

Hector Zelaya-Godoy (12th) says his favorite thing to have for school is his backpack.

#Bulldogs : Keep using the hashtag to have your photo featured!

New Bell Changes

By: Nay Bruton

This year, at Albemarle High School, the bell schedule has changed a lot. One of the things that is new this year is that there are now 2 lunches that are 25 minutes each. First lunch goes to lunch at 11am and 2nd lunch goes after their 3rd block at 12:35pm. The lunch is shorter than it was last year and students are complaining. However, there is a chance to get a second breakfast if you miss the first breakfast. Also, this year AHS removed pride time and added acceleration time. Acceleration time is when you can go to clubs and do ACT and SAT prep. Acceleration time is a great opportunity for AHS.

New Classes

By: Araceli Rojas  

This year students are getting the opportunity to take classes AHS has never offered. For example HVAC, Parenting and Child Development, Teacher Cadet, Fire Engineering, and Public Safety. I think students having the opportunity to experience a class they are interested in is a great advantage.

Class Change?

By: Araceli Rojas  

For students to change their classes, they had to go online and fill out a form. However, a lot of the classes were already full, which means students had some difficulty switching or making changes. As always changes were usually made if the student was in the wrong class or if there was a valid reason. Changes weren’t made if students were just trying to get out to be with their friends or because “they don’t like the teacher”. Come next semester students will be able to make changes at the start of 2nd semester for 10 days. However, just like this time, classes may be full and changes may be challenging.

Dates to know!

  • 9/13 Progress Reports
  • 9/17 Chick-fil-a Night -- please tell everyone to go eat at Chick fila -- we get 10% of sales
  • 9/18 Jostons to meet with Seniors for Cap/Gown info 1:05 auditorium
  • 9/20 Fall Pictures 9th-11th grade
  • 9/25 Jostens to talk to 10th grade Class Rings
  • 9/27 Senior Make Up pictures
  • September 27th- Youth NIGHT- Blue out Night
  • 9/30 National Honor Society Zaxby's Night
  • 10/1 Jostens here at 1:00 for cap/gown and class ring orders

Student Spotlight

By: Taniah Harrison  

The school year has started and we have some special students who were chosen by their teachers that brought a little something extra to the class. Mrs.Daniels, the Math 2 Honors teacher, chose Horveli Rodrigez because he was a great leader in the classroom. Mrs.Liberman, math teacher, chose Jamond Pinkney because he gives great classroom contributions. Coach Davis, head football coach and math teacher, chose Nisha Quick because she does a fantastic job helping classmates around the room.


Horveli Rodrigez                  Jamond Pinkney            Nisha Quick