The Writing Lab

What is The Writing Lab?

The Writing Lab is a workshop in writing, giving aspiring writers meaningful guidance with writing techniques that focus on the craft.

It helps participants write, edit better, and explore creative storytelling through writing.

With working knowledge, the workshop focuses on creative writing and editing techniques to craft engaging, easy-to-read prose for digital or print – from magazines and books to social media, blogs, and websites across varied topics.

The Writing Lab is a collective of practical knowledge drawn from the hands-on experience of professional writers from print and digital.

The Writing Lab encourages and accelerates latent writing skills and helps budding writers put pen to paper and share their perspectives articulately and professionally.

The Writing Lab, designed by Content Conspiracy, is not an exercise in understanding the English language or its nuances.

It is not a grammar class. Neither is it a template to follow.

It is a tool-kit designed to help participants identify and solve realistic writing challenges like narrative building, editing, research, and storytelling. It stresses on original writing and editing over theory and critique.

What do you get?

Who can benefit?

What does the workshop include?

  1. Creative Writing

  1. The Writing Process

  1. Detailed feedback and help throughout the writing process