Objective #2 Student Achievement

By 2025, Nanuet students will improve their academic and lifelong, learning skills, allowing them to successfully pursue post-secondary options as measured by the following

Measurable Goal:

a) A 10% increase in the number of AP students in grades 9, 10, 11, & 12.

Baseline: 2015-2016 School year 110 total students took AP classes.

b) A 10% increase in number of AP exams administered at Nanuet Senior High School.

Baseline: 2015-2016 school year 168 AP exams were administered.

c) A 3% increase in the number of students scoring 3 or higher on AP exams.

Baseline: 2015-2016 school year 95 students taking AP exams scored 3 or higher.

d) A % in the number of students scoring proficient or advanced in new assessment. Baseline: Zero, this is a new assessment.

Activity Steps

Person/Group Responsible

Timelines for Completion

Resources Needed

Evaluation / Indicators of Success

Date Completed

Maintain and expand Opportunity Index inputting data from Regents, APs, GPA, demographics, PSAT, clubs, attendance.

High School Principal and Assistant Principal and Guidance Department


Data access and collection

Student course enrollment

Conversations with colleges and universities regarding diploma types vs. AP and college credit courses.

High School Guidance Department


Time and access to post secondary contacts.

Data from conversations.

Comparing Nanuet AP data to other districts locally, statewide, nationally including demographic breakdowns.

Central Office, High School Principal and Assistant Principal, Guidance Department


Data access training in data analysis.  

Charts and spreadsheets.

Look at course pathways and if they are working for students.

Central Office, High School Principal and Assistant Principal, Guidance Department


Master schedule data.

Student reflections.  

Presentation to middle school parents to inform different pathways available to students.

High School and Middle School Guidance


Meeting time with parents, time to update presentation.

Presentation and parent feedback.

Research literature and communicate benefit of student risk taking and parent perception of lower grades in harder courses.

Guidance and Mental Health Curriculum Committee  


Curriculum work

Comparison/evaluation of resources.

 Expand lunch teacher and peer to peer tutoring to support students.

Guidance and Department Coordinators


Curriculum work

Retention rate and course grades.

Explore AP support or mentoring for students beyond content ie. mental emotional supports, study techniques, first time AP students.

High School High High School Principals, Guidance, Mental Health Curriculum Committee, Department Coordinators


Meeting time.

Student/parent feedback/survey.

Explore professional development for AP teachers with wide range of levels of students.

High School Principals, Guidance, Department Coordinators


Curriculum development.

List of PD opportunities.

Brainstorm outreach ideas to different demographics and socio economic families.  

High School Principals, Guidance, Department Coordinators


Meeting times.

Outreach plan

Profile AP students in videos and photos, show first time AP successes.

Media Production Clubs and Classes


Technology, class and club time.

Photos and videos

Celebrate full variety of post secondary options for students not just top schools.

High School Guidance


Meeting times

Timeline and outline of celebrations.

Pilot a new norm referenced standardized test in middle school.

Middle School and High School Administration, Central Office, High School and Middle School Guidance


Money to pilot testing.  Time and stakeholder group to look at assessments.

Pilot of assessment and feedback and comparison from pilot.

Parent outreach to reduce opt outs students getting practice in standardized tests.

Administration and Teachers 3-8


Meeting time

Analysis opt out rates

Analyze curriculum maps for points of enrichment, stretch activities, growth mindset, grit, and perseverance.

Curriculum Committees, Facilitators, Team Leaders, Department Coordinators


Meeting time, faculty team and department meetings.

Curriculum maps in Rubicon.