{Everyone, I know that we have been in shambles for centuries by the absence of a Lord of Tachyon. You all have had to go through a hard ships of some kind with little to any guidance for each of your civilizations. With the issues regarding  the progress of the Order of Tachyon, I will provide the outline of a new path so that we can all become, one again ,under the Order.  I have realized that we have disconnected from each other, and by this growing separation, the known universe has devolved into disorder of unbelievable proportions, allowing the growth of corruption, anarchy, and power vacuums as the progress of the Order is going backward with many new problems developing. Black market activity has gone through the roof with many difficulties to get support from authorities, even the Tachyeans have no power for the growing discrimination that has come to be since the lost of the previous Lord of Tachyon. There has also been many fatalities from unnatural causes such as the increase of disease and murder by the decrease of authority and the development of threats untreated by absence of guidance. I know I can’t fix the mistakes by the void of leadership, but I’m determined to  continue the quest of bringing all the universe together in peace and harmony as every other Lord of Tachyon before me. What I  want is to help all of you become the very best leaders for your people, and fix the new problems our Order has gained, so that we can produce the once great and stable society that everyone used to enjoy. Now everyone please then, let us start this process of fixing the Order by showing that we aren’t corrupt by stopping the gambling on the Ultimate Showdown, end this state of slavery that some of your civilization have imposed on others, cease the black market activity that is happening in this very ballroom, and bring an end to the prostitution that some of you were thinking of doing once you have left this building. We are apart of the greatest gathering of species in the universe, and I plan to make sure that we get to the end goal of eternal peace.}