4K Learning Options for 20-21 School Year & FAQ
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4K Learning Options for 20-21 School Year

& FAQ for 4K Learning Academy

4K Learning Options for 20-21 School Year


Model I/In-School 4K Site

4K Learning Academy

Model III/Childcare 4K

Learning Style

In person when the County approves. Remote when in “RED”. Remote includes daily teacher virtual opportunities, packets of information, etc.)

“Face to Face” teachers know student’s learning styles and can differentiate and adapt.

Teachers are able to assess and identify possible delays for an EC referral

Always remote; partnership between families and school to provide curriculum through activity packets, teacher support, and online experiences.

Weekly one on one virtual meetings with families.

Flexible meeting times (evenings) to meet the needs of working families.

In person and/or Remote Learning. Work with your Model III site.

Peer Interaction


When not in ‘red,’ Children will have the opportunity to interact, socialize, and play with peers on a daily basis.

Peer modeling, problem solving during play, and work on independence skills.  

Exposure to different abilities.

Student choice to play with classmates of similar interests


Small learning cohorts of children will meet virtually to interact, socialize, and play games via Zoom or Google Meet virtually 2-3 times weekly.  


Small group centers with large group meals & circle times (A few centers may be offering remote learning.)


Elementary school

Possibility of being in the same school as older elementary siblings

Opportunities to use different parts of the school: gym, library, play ground.

Walking field trips to parks and around the neighborhood


Childcare Centers

Staff available to assist your child

Elementary school staff: 4K teacher, 4K Teacher Assistant, Special Education staff ie: Early Childhood, Speech Therapist, OT, PT, Guidance Counselor, Librarian, Health Assistant, Secretary, Principal, program coordinator, program administrator

Distance learning packets will be adapted and enhanced by early childhood teachers for sped kids

4K Teacher, program coordinator, program administrator. (Special Education staff ie: speech, OT, PT, Guidance: these needs will be addressed/evaluated on an individual basis)

4k Teacher, co-teacher/aide, Director

Teaching Standards and
Learning Goals




Bus/ Transportation

Busing available

No bussing


Possibility of Breakfast (all AM locations)

Lunch  (some locations) Snacks (all locations)

Will receive breakfast, lunch, & snack every 3 hours if enrolled in child care.

Learning Management System

Used only during “Red” Canvas:  Platform used by entire district



FAQ 4K Options for 20-21 School Year

  1. What will an in-school 4K classroom look like when we are open for face-to-face?
  1. Our in-school 4K will follow local childcare guidelines whenever possible. Adults will be masked but children will not be required to wear masks while in the classroom. Adults will work to get children into small groups whenever possible to limit physical contact but play and social learning will still be emphasized. Cleaning will occur between each section and careful attention will be made to sanitize and disinfect toys and high touch items.

  1. What will 4K look like when we are not open for face-to-face learning at the beginning of the year?
  1. During the first 30 days of school and whenever we are not allowed to be face-to-face, 4K will be conducted through teacher directed packets/materials, online learning opportunities, and regular contact with your teacher. All materials will be aligned with the early learning standards and support all areas of development.

  1. If I sign my child up for the “4K Learning Academy” rather than traditional 4K this year, will we be given a one-to-one device such as an iPad?
  1. No. The district will not provide one-to-one technology for 4K students but you will be provided hands-on learning materials bi-weekly and opportunities for online resources for those who have access.

  1. Will my child have an assigned teacher if they are in the “4K Learning Academy”?
  1. Yes! Your child will have an assigned 4K teacher and be placed in a section of 4K. There will also be opportunities for 4K students to virtually interact with other students in small groups at times.

  1. I want to start my child in the “4K Learning Academy” but do they have the option of moving to an actual classroom during the year?
  1. Signing up for 4K Learning Academy commits your child for at least one semester. After that and depending on the circumstances with face-to-face learning, you could choose to move your child to a classroom option. However, you can’t “hold a spot” in a classroom option while being enrolled in 4K Learning Academy. You would have an option of moving your child to a classroom with available space at that time.

  1. My child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Can my child’s needs be met in the 4K Learning Academy?
  1. If your child has an IEP, the case manager and team will work with you to determine if your child’s needs can be met in that setting. Every effort will be made to meet your child’s needs.

  1. If we sign up for the 4K Learning Academy is there a certain time commitment to work on things with my child?

A: No, the teacher will send you weekly information, materials and access to live and taped videos. You can work on it at your own time and pace.