2020 Alva High School FB game day protocols

The goal of Alva Public Schools is to limit the spread of COVID-19 between communities. Below are the protocols we are putting in place to mitigate the exposure of COVID-19 between communities. We ask that you adhere to these guidelines so that we can continue our school year with no interruptions.

(These protocols are subject to change)



Masks are highly recommended in all areas. While at the concession area, public restrooms and other areas where social distancing can not be maintained, masks will be vital in the success of our mitigation efforts.


Workers are required to wear a mask. Entry fees are $5 for adults and $3 for students. Please have correct change before arrival so the exchanging of money is limited.


They will be sanitized before the game. Portable toilets will be placed on the visitor side of the stadium. We encourage you to stay on your designated side. If you are using the public restrooms please wear a mask. Bathrooms will be limited to 3 people at a time.  We will have a monitor to help observe and limit the number of people in the bathroom at one time.


All workers are required to wear gloves and a mask. Money takers are not allowed to handle food and drinks.  Please social distance and wear a mask while standing in line for concessions. There will be a selection of the concession menu available on the visitor side located on the east side of the locker room building.


At the start of each game there will be an usher monitoring each aisle to insure that people are social distancing. The stadium bleachers are marked so that fans are 6 feet apart.  A family that comes together will be able to sit together. Masks in all areas are highly recommended. Please watch the game from the stands please do not congregate in other areas.

Opponents bleachers

There will be an usher on the opponent side to assist seating and in maintaining  social distancing.  The metal bleachers are marked for social distancing with a black dot.

Student Section

We strongly recommend face coverings and social distancing. If necessary the student section may be moved to the south end zone to allow for social distancing.

Tier parking

The first two rows of tier parking are reserved. The third tier is available on a first come first serve basis.


The band will be seated in the south lower section of the stands and this section will be marked for band only.  If necessary the band may be moved to the south end zone to allow for social distancing.

Game Field

Only authorized Alva High School employees and game personnel will be allowed on the field before, during and after the game.  Designated employees are Building Principals and or designees, Athletic Director, Assistant Athletic Director Superintendent, NWOSU representatives, Law Enforcement and photographers from media outlets. 

Post-game celebration

Only family members of players will be allowed on the field after games. Please limit your time on the field to less than 15 minutes. All other fans will need to exit the venue as soon as possible and are not allowed onto the field. 

Dressing room protocols

AHS and the opponent will not arrive earlier than 5:20 pm to allow for proper sanitizing of the locker room.

Players will be asked to stay out of the locker rooms until the cleaning crews have finished cleaning them.

Subject to change as deemed necessary please listen to in game PA announcements for any changes

 revised 8.26.20