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SOSAZ Weekly Education Report 16 - 5/2/2022
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Save Our Schools Arizona

Weekly Education Report

55th Legislature, 2nd General Session

Volume 4, Issue 16 • Week of May 2, 2022

For Teacher Appreciation Week, the legislature is going half-time

As we head into Teacher Appreciation Week, instead of rolling up their sleeves to ensure Arizona's current $5.3 billion budget surplus is used to provide for our state's public schools, our legislature has decided to reduce their own hours.

The House is now meeting only on Mondays and Thursdays. Not to be outdone, the Senate is now meeting only Mondays through Wednesdays. This is evidence of how little they have left to do other than pass a budget, and how protracted budget conversations have become.

As always, we urge lawmakers to get to work in bipartisan fashion, to craft a budget that leverages our state's current $5.3 billion surplus to provide for our state's chronically underfunded kids, educators and communities — and to respect Arizona voters by roundly rejecting the poison pill of an ESA voucher expansion. Reach out to your lawmakers and urge them toward building a bipartisan budget that uses our $5.3 billion surplus to prioritize funding for public education.

In a Friday news dump, Gov. Ducey signed HB2439, to force school boards to preemptively approve every single library book purchase, as well as HB2161, which forces schools to share all written and electronic records with parents even if it's not in a student's best interest.

We can't sit around and wait for this legislature to do the right thing — we've got a state to change! Join one of our phone banks or canvasses and help us build a pro-public education legislature. Then stay tuned to our social media for any breaking news.

Calls to Action

🌟  Use our one-click email tool to tell lawmakers NO to their incessant attacks on public education

Bills Still in Motion

Many of these could be brought up for a vote with less than one day's notice.

Attacks on schools, school boards, districts:

Voucher expansions:

Attacks on teachers & curriculum:

Watering down teaching:

What You Can Do to Help

Your voice matters! A simple phone call or email to your lawmaker asking them to prioritize funding for schools and responsible policies for education goes a long way. Make it clear that you expect well-funded and well-resourced schools where educators feel supported and students feel safe. 

For Arizona to move forward and thrive, we need these critical discussions! Find your legislative district here. Email and phone info is here for your representatives and here for your senator. Please reach out and make your voice heard.

Here are some other easy actions you can take:

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