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2023-24 GHMS Chromebook Policy
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2023-24 GHMS Chromebook Policy

Good Hope Middle School understands the importance of technology on our school campus as a tool for students to use to further their education.  As we continue to allow students to use Chromebooks on campus as well as bring them home for homework completion, Good Hope will be implementing the following policy to ensure that we are effectively using technology and ensuring that it is an investment that we can sustain long-term, eliminate students missing classroom time for computer related activities, and teaching responsible device management skills for our students.

Chromebooks are the property of Good Hope Middle School and Ouachita Parish School Board.

This means that you and your student understand the following:

Chromebook Damage Policy

Accidental Damage vs. Negligence/Intentional Damage

Accidents do happen. There is a difference, however, between an accident and negligence or intentional damage. The price that the District paid for the Chromebook includes: the Chromebook and charger. After investigation by school administration, if the Chromebook is deemed to be intentionally or negligently damaged by the student, the student may be subject to discipline and/or the cost of repair or replacement.

Device Repair Policy

Devices are repaired in the order that they are received and at the discretion of Mrs. Wilkes. Students should not stay for their fixed/replacement device.  Library/office workers will deliver devices to the classroom when they are available.  This ensures that we are respecting the classroom teachers’ teaching time as well as the librarian’s teaching time.

Forgotten Chromebook/Charger Policy