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Please watch this short "You Tube Video" on our company.  We have worked with WCCO Channel 4 in Minnesota and have educated well over 2500 technical education instructors on safety of machinery in their Jr. High, High schools and Technical Colleges.  Our company has also worked with the University of Minnesota who received a grant given by NIOSH to help employers lower their injuries in their places of employment due to unsafe conditions.

 Podojil & Associates, Incorporated. is the nation's leading expert in providing safety solutions to schools. Our consultants have worked with many school districts in Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, California, Washington State, Texas, Wisconsin, and throughout the country of Canada.

Our experience has shown us that in a typical industrial technology classroom, students and instructors unnecessarily face hazards daily caused by:

Improperly guarded machine power  transmission systems

Improperly guarded machine points of operation

Improperly located and poorly marked  machine controls

Everyone agrees that learning a life skill is paramount in a student’s education. Whether students choose to be Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, or Research Scientists, or perhaps decide to stay in the industrial or construction market, learning these skills should be done in a safe school environment.

Podojil & Associates Incorporated believes that learning this life skill should be done in a Technical Education classroom that is free from recognized hazards.

For example, if a student is learning machine operations, they should be operating equipment that is safe. Our statistics prove that 98% of all machinery found in a classroom environment does not meet minimum safety standards. We found that once we have worked with a school district to guard their machinery, the teacher and student achieved:

An understanding of how to use properly guarded machines

An appreciation for the positive  effect of workplace regulations

Realistic experience with applied ergonomics and control design

Reduced hazards of overcrowded  classes by allowing teachers to focus on instruction knowing that the safety remediation has been completed.

Effective Learning Environment

Podojil & Associates Incorporated is a full-service company. We are known as the machine guarding and safety experts for the schools throughout the country. We are a “one stop shop” featuring products designed in accordance with environmental, health, and safety requirements to help prevent accidents in school classrooms.

Podojil & Associates Incorporated common-sense approach to improving safety and reducing accidents with new products and instruction techniques results in a school shop environment that improves learning. It teaches students to recognize and work effectively with properly guarded equipment that is required in business.

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and similar state-plan OSHA laws, require employers to provide a safe and healthful working environment. To help achieve this, the school district or employer must train employees and supervisors on literally dozens of safety and health related topics. Podojil & Associates Inc. specializes in the following training courses:

Machine guarding

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

OSHA electrical safety (lock-out, tag-out & try-out) Subpart S

NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation) compliance preparation.

Technical Education Classrooms Special Offer:  Podojil & Associates Incorporated is offering a special consulting program for schools. For a nominal fee, a Podojil & Associates Incorporated professional safety, health or environmental consultant will perform a comprehensive safety inventory of each piece of powered equipment located in the classrooms and maintenance rooms of each school in the district.

A detailed report is compiled for each classroom, which includes:

Color photos of each machine

Each piece of powered machinery identified, listing its make, model and serial number

A clear description of hazards posed by each machine

Hazard corrections are researched  with the recommended corrections to abate each hazard detailed

Appropriate regulatory justification for each hazard

Regulatory justifications for hazard abatement are referenced by utilizing:

Federal  OSHA (Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

NFPA  (National Fire Protection Association)

NEC  (National Electric Code)

ANSI  (American National Standards Institute)


After submitting the report, a Podojil & Associates, Incorporated safety professional will meet with you to discuss the contents in detail and develop the required hazard remediation process to meet your budget  and schedule timelines.

The Consultation Division of Podojil & Associates, Incorporated  works closely with the guarding, manufacturing and installation divisions to provide you with a detailed management plan of  the necessary repairs needed for each machine.  

A quotation is developed to implement the agreed upon process.

Reduced liability. Having this survey performed by our experts will reduce the potential liability to a school district.

Need more information? Please call our Arizona office at 612) 801-1032 and we can send you further pricing or additional information. Our consultants are the best in the school safety business.