Joyland Centers

Ideas for Individual Healing and Development via Groups at Virtual and Physical  Community Centers as promoted at

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This document lives at where you will also find its intro video and slideshow. The YieldMore overview can be found here.

Document Feedback and Roadmap

• sample programs/events plan

• on-boarding of consultants/apprentices

• Training for juniors/staff

• focus areas (after objectives)

• milestones..(including costs and footfall and revenue)

• give equal importance to "for a day" and chat consultant (joypreneur) training

Document Feedback and Roadmap        1

Introduction        3

Objectives        3

Values        4

How it Works        4

Focus Areas        5

Takeaways        5

Takeaways for Collaborators        5

Takeaways for people with places / resources        5

Tiers or Licensing Options        6

Free        6

Bootstrapped        6

Operated by Us        6

Investor Based        6

Pure Franchise        6

Modes Available        6

Joyland Online        6

Joyland for a Day        6

Joyland Center        6

Joy Chat Location        7

Terms and Definitions        8

Kinds of People        8

Consultants / Pillars        8

Apprentices / Trainees        8

Patrons/Users        8

Joy Chat Consulting        8

Paid Tier: Monty's Resort, Chennai        10

Property        10

Equipment        10

Furniture        10

Staff        11

Marketeers / Consultants        11

Timeline and Budget        11

Quarter 1 - Planning - 20 lakhs cap        11

Quarter 2 - Preparation - 40 lakhs cap        12

Quarter 3 - Validate the model, steady growth - 20 lakhs        12

Quarter 4 - Scale - 20 lakhs        12

Precursor to Introduction (Feb 2022)

Introduction (2020)

Wish Centers are an integrated discovery, discussion, interaction, teaching, consulting, practice and rejuvenation center where no distinction is made between caregiver / receiver (think k-pax, the movie).

All are learners, teachers, healers and philanthropists just at varying levels of skill set development and healing.

We operate a Conscious Marketplace, Digital and Physical Libraries and engage in Learning, Healing, Social Work and Result Oriented Recreational Activities.

Digital Library, resource centers and catalogues to live at and follow its guidelines for collaboration, sharing and being given freely.

Stalls, Vehicles, Kiosks and Buddies to serve as outreach initiatives to serve and attract a larger audience.

In short, we strive to create an ambiance where the patron gains insight and is given motivation and very useful and relevant information. He's also free to join workshops, take part in group activities and browse our digital library and Conscious Marketplace. This is a service he pays for and it can serve groups or be given to the needy.


Our philosophy is summed up in these 20 points and these 24 values

We are trying to improve the holistic wellness of the individual and the groups to which they belong, whether a school, a company or a neighborhood.

We are also aiming to increase the reach and impact of the Conscious Businesses that we find and promote. These could be programs, workshops, products and other services.

Lastly, we aim to provide a platform for the individual to work with others for the good of society. We call them Apprentice Lightworkers / Healers.

To help make all this possible, we run the website and organise information on its various social media accounts.

We're only just beginning, but do join us and watch the magic unfold.


What does Joyland stand for?

How it Works

Inspired by Saify Uncle's Joypreneur program last year (2019), I thought why not extend my ideas from to start physical Community Centers dubbed "Joyland"

The idea is simple - a few full time staff guiding visitors through some activities, giving them time to browse booklets, catalogs (say of guided meditation programs) and other literature that we compile both online and offline. Some computers to browse our website and the internet, all in a relaxed cosy atmosphere where consultants - trainers, teachers, environmentalists, healers and social workers are available as per their schedule.

An adjoining office will work on compiling and digesting more information either on demand or based on our themes, objectives and ideas. For example a quick reference/guide on mental health or a book on motherhood or parenting.

A recording room will produce videos that facilitate the dissemination of pertinent and valuable information by our consultants and make them available on their websites as well as our own.

Rooms of various sizes for presentations and discussions also available. A store, kitchen and garden too to serve one and all.

Charities will be given opportunities for networking, gaining visibility and gathering momentum as they work alongside other organizations.

The office will work for everyone's good and help with online and offline promotion and planning as well as coordinating our CSR activities.

This format with office etc is the generic flavour intended for the public. This can be modified slightly to fit into a school (see separate document). A resource room, computer lab or library would well serve the purpose and interested parents will be asked to help bring it to life.

Before long, I wish to have a long list of possible "Joyful Learning Activities", enough to guide school or colleges to try out over 4 to 12 weeks before deciding this new nurturing way makes Joyland a great idea for them to establish permanently.

They could try this out during or after schools, making attendance optional so as to adjust with individual's receptivity, interests and schedules.

Focus Areas

This is a working list of causes, people and wants:

Causes are categorized under

We also work to promote NGOs and Charitable institutions with our promotion services, consulting and fund collection.


Takeaways for Collaborators

People who liked the general precepts of YM, get to participate in its fulfillment

They have access to the network to try their own ideas and programs out.

Develop what is presently only a bare-bones outline into a working model that can scale globally.

Takeaways for people with places / resources

See their investment for the community reaping manifold rewards

Joyland is a set of guiding principles, not a rigid system so they can be adapted to suit you, the principal supporter’s needs.

Tiers or Licensing Options


Should be run freely or subsidized. We don't charge for this.


We help with planning and setting up for a fee

Operated by Us

The center stays in your name but we charge.

Investor Based

We run it in our name but are answerable to investors.

Pure Franchise

You fund and operate it, but pay us a commission

Nota Bene

In all options, we will regularly audit, guide, network, brainstorm and require updating of the common library by you.

Modes Available

Joyland Online

A video conference is setup and programs broadcast

Joyland for a Day

An event at a physical location with a list of sessions planned and consultants available

Joyland Center

A dedicated location in one of the 5 tiers mentioned

Joy Chat Location

One or more Apprentices and Consultants will be available in a public place, a residential colony, an office or a school

Terms and Definitions

Kinds of People

Consultants / Pillars

Teachers, Healers, Trainers, Social Workers and Mentors. They tirelessly work together for everyone’s benefit.

Apprentices / Trainees

These could be Students or Junior Healers. These people embrace the idea and volunteer as apprentice pillars, doing good for visitors and the community at large.


This is how you come at the beginning. We want you to heal, stand on two strong feet and become volunteers in other aspects.

Joy Chat Consulting

(see separate document)

A simple meaningful conversation with a Joyland Apprentice can quickly help you find information or people to talk to about a particular problem or to gain a new insight.

It's an easy way to preview the various ideas of Joyland.


 - To gauge receptivity of public to the idea of a dedicated event or center

 - To train the apprentice/give them field work

 - To grow the relevance of the content available

 - To improve online and offline presence


 - Gain popularity

 - Give business to the recommended program, product or individual

 - Additional income for the Apprentice as they do this more often

 - Building a long term relationship with the individual


 - Helps the individual with a problem

 - Makes the apprentice more adept as solving human challenges and find practical applications of the Information on

 - Tests the principles of Joyland and acquires feedback as well as expand its knowledge base

Paid Tier: Monty's Resort, Chennai

4000+ Square Feet, Adyar Area, 2-4 lakhs per month



(preference 2nd hand or rental) - 3 lakhs if new + DG + AC



Timings and rough salaries to be decided

Ancillary Staff

Marketeers / Consultants

These will be available on a schedule and will either be paid by us for visits and programs or simply pay us a fixed and collection based fee. We may also offer consulting, media and promotion services to them

Timeline and Budget

Quarter 1 - Planning - 20 lakhs cap

In this phase, we will establish the feasibility and find and design a place to begin with.

Quarter 2 - Preparation - 40 lakhs cap

Quarter 3 - Validate the model, steady growth - 20 lakhs

Quarter 4 - Scale - 20 lakhs

Recover investment by 3rd or 4th year.