We will be bringing in the New Year with our New Year's Eve program on December 31st, starting at 11 pm with a reading from the Great Master about Kalpataru Day, followed by silent meditation and arati at 12 midnight. The next day, January 1, we will have our Kalpataru Puja, starting at 11 am. We request only fully vaccinated devotees to attend in person (two shots plus a booster). We will show both events via Live Streaming for those of you who cannot come in person. This will be true for all of our lectures, classes, etc. for the month of January. We are also very happy to announce that Swami Mahayogananda will also be visiting from Southern California at the beginning of the month.

All of our regular classes and lectures will continue to be available via YouTube and Zoom. Please visit our website for details: vedantadc.org