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San Francisco Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative: Lease Stabilization Grants: Application Checklist - Winter 2021-22
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San Francisco Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative

Lease Stabilization Grants
Checklist of Required Information

Application Period Closed

As part of the application process, you will need to upload the documents below. This information is required in order to help us evaluate the project with the NSI program’s eligibility and priority criteria. The below checklist is meant to assist with the application process by sharing what will be expected in advance, so that when it is time to complete the application in FormAssembly, it is an easy and painless process. Please note that this list is not exclusive and items may be added to the application that may not be reflected here immediately.

Please remember to start your organization’s application well in advance of the deadline and leave ample time to address any form field errors that may appear during the submission process. Also please remember to hit the submit button! Once an application is successfully submitted, a confirmation page will appear with additional information. If your organization is awarded a grant, additional documents may be requested. If you need help or have follow-up questions, please email the Community Vision Grantmaking team at

To review the application questions, visit our Application Questions Checklist.

Required Documents for Upload

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