Bennett Valley Golf Club

Meeting February 2, 2019


Present: Maria Guarienti, Gregory Fearon, Ralph Thomas, Louis Capuano, Doug Smith, Ken Richter


Absent:  Jordan Schnur, Steve Hanak, John Christenson, James Miller


Call to Order: 8:05 AM by Ken


Secretary: January minutes were read and accepted


Treasurer: Gregory’s handout shows that 1/3 into our fiscal year we are $500 ahead of last year in income and $10.5K behind in expenses. Gregory noted that even with the NCGA bill upcoming we are still in reasonable shape. Preliminary monthly results posted to Gdrive.


Membership: Ralph noted that membership is up slightly from last year and currently is at 302. The current sign up for the 4-Club tournament has 4 non-renewed members. Ralph can accept renewals up to the day of the tournament. Also mentioned, the club website now has an active button that allows members to join online. They still need to pay by check as we provide no online merchant transactions.


Tournament: Ken reported that we currently have 58 signups for the 4-Club with 4 more days till signups close. Some discussion about last minute changes for the Jan Skins game. The usual late adds/drops result in pairing and tee time changes. Suggested for the 4-Club that we first post pairings without tee times until they are final. Might try it for the 4-Club.


Handicap: Louis reported that there are no membership issues with NCGA this month.

Old Business: None


New Business: 

Ken presented notes from the NCGA hosted seminar on the new Member Planet club management software program. Lots of details and lots more info required to better understand how this might add value to BVGC. Ken will follow up to gather more info for a future discussion.

Louis will contact NCGA about the Club Representative position they promoted.

Maria led a discussion as to posting for formats where a player may pick up a ball in play.

Jim K. mentioned that NCGA has proposed to send out a course re-rating team in 2019. After discussion, since no course change made since last rating, Jim and Bob will ask NCGA to postpone it until 2020. The board voted to chip in to cover some related rating expenses up to a max of $400.

Due to several board members schedules in April it might be required to set a new meeting date at the next monthly meeting.

Adjourned at 9:14

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary