Scams on corona stimulus checks


A scad of new scams try to get you to sign up for the stimulus check promised by the government for the coronavirus pandemic.  THERE IS NO SIGN UP!!

These scams typically  want you to click on a link they send you to give these evil people your financial information, your bank account number, your social security number, or other information.


Most important, never give out personal or financial information in response to a text or email! Never click on a link someone you don’t know sends you; actually, you should be very cautious about clicking links even if it looks like a friend sent it. Suddenly there are many, many scams about the stimulus check.

Your stimulus check is based on your income taxes for the last two years.  You don’t have to do anything. Check  the IRS website,, for updates or more information.

For more detail here’s a USA TODAY story in full: