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Wednesday, March 16, 2022  5:30

                                            At the Library


Jean opened the meeting at 5:35 P.M.


Additions and Deletions:  None


Approve draft minutes:  Trish moved to approve the minutes from January 19th.  Sally seconded.  All approved.


President’s Report:

                By-laws review & update

                            A discussion was held regarding the appointment of a new member to the Board of Trustees if a vacancy becomes open.  Sally moved and Carol seconded the adoption of the language in the Warren bylaw, changing the word “Commission” to Board of Trustees.”  The motion passed unanimously.


                Town meeting results & budget


                            The library budget passed and David was reelected to the Board of Trustees.


                            The slate of officers remains the same.


                                        President:  Jean Joslin

                                        Vice President:  Trish Read

                                        Secretary:  Carol Hosford

                                        Treasurer: Sally Reisner

                                        Financial Manager:  David Babic


                Jean reported that the League of Cities and Towns requested that we switch our workman’s comp to their umbrella plan.  A decision was tabled until the May meeting


                Billi will contact Chris Woods’ family to see if they have suggestions for using the $600.00 donated in Chris’s name subsequent to his recent death.


                The park adjacent to the library is owned by the town.  Jean and David will meet with the Select Board to fill them in on library finances and the need to improve the sidewalk and some of the cribbing in the park.


                Carol offered a Danish poster to the children’s room.  Anna accepted.


Friends’ Report:


                Jason reported on their behalf that The Friends will fund some of our upcoming programs and will donate some chess sets to the upcoming chess program.  They meet again in May, at which time they will decide whether or not to request funds this year.


Library Director’s Report:


                Circulation numbers are strong with numbers for January and February in the high 800’s.

                The library currently has 1,119 registered patrons.  Jason recently culled about 200 accounts from the list.

                As of 3/14 in-person programming has resumed.  The Board agreed to let the staff and volunteers decide whether we are ready to go without masks in the library.


Children’s Librarian’s Report:


Story hour was cancelled several times due to inclement weather.  We are a month and a half into the “Relay Write” project.  There are seventeen participants, ranging in age from four to eighty-six .  GMVS woodworking class has completed kids-sized picnic tables for the library park, to be delivered in April.


Program Coordinator’s Report:


                A varied series of events have taken place.  Among these were a Schitt’s Creek event. A “Who Done Wrote It…..” mystery challenge, a virtual program called “Unpacking Whiteness” and others.  The programming is strong and thriving.


Treasurer’s Report:

Finances look healthy.


Financial Report:

Investments have done well in spite of the recent downturn in the market.


New Business:

Cleaning interior of library

                Jason reports that no special effort is needed beyond our regular cleaning.


At 6:56 Carol moved to close the meeting and David seconded.  Meeting closed.



Next regular meeting:  May 18, 2022 at 5:30


                On next agenda:  Worker’s Comp.

                                                     Long and short term goals (park)