So now he is speaking

27-46 Arjuna’s lamentation (28 – 46) (some Acharya used the word Arjun Vishad Yoga)

        - Arjuna gives following four reasons why he will not fight.

31-35 enjoyment

Bg 1.31

na ca śreyo ’nupaśyāmi
hatvā sva-janam āhave
na kāṅke vijaya kṛṣṇa
na ca rājya sukhāni ca

Word for word: 

na — nor; ca — also; śreya — good; anupaśyāmi — do I foresee; hatvā — by killing; sva-janam — own kinsmen; āhave — in the ght; na — nor; kāṅke — do I desire; vijayam — victory; kṛṣṇa — O Kṛṣṇa; na — nor;ca — also; rājyam — kingdom; sukhāni — happiness thereof; ca — also.


I do not see how any good can come from killing my own kinsmen in this battle, nor can I, my dear Kṛṣṇa, desire any subsequent victory, kingdom or happiness.

So he is talking about Shreya, Shreya is long term good

Preyas-> short term goal, Shreyas -> long term goal / target / benefit.

A student in college think that there is party, let me go to party there is cricket match let me go to cricket match and that is prayas, immediate pleasure is there, but someone thinks in terms of career, there is study and I have come to college to study and if I will study more and more than there is a long term career ahead of me. na ca śreyo ’nupaśyāmi, so Arjuna is saying I am thinking about Sreya I am not thinking from Preyas, I am thinking from long term point of view, what will I gain, I am not thinking just about the war and winning the kingdom, I am thinking about after war, after getting the kingdom after that, na ca śreyo ’nupaśyāmi, I don’t see any good, hatvā sva-janam āhave, if in battle field I will kill Svajana, so Arjuna has again used savjana, O these are my relatives and

na kāṅke vijaya kṛṣṇa, what will be the pleasure if my teacher my grandfather they are all dead, what will the pleasure left for me? How can I kill them?So hatvā sva-janam āhave, I cannot kill them. In Mahabharata for first 9 days Bhishma dominated and then Yudhisthira Maharaj remember that Bhishma told him to approach him when the time will come and then he will tell them how he will be killed, so Pandavas approached him and he said if Shikhandi is in front he will not shot arrows so when they were returning Arjuna become sentimental and told Krishna how I can kill him because he was very loving and affectionate relation with him, he said when he was child then he will be coming running from the playground and go to his lap and soil his clothes, he will play with his beard and said father-father that time Bhishma says I am not your father I am your father’s father, so Arjuna is remembering these moments with tender heart. Then Krishna told Arjuna that sentiments are good but it should not sway you from the paths of duty, remember that your obligation is for the whole world, you have to ensure that the rule of righteousness prevails, dharma prevails. So here he is thinking of all of my relatives are killed what will I gain and therefore he says I don’t desire the kingdom, na kāṅke vijaya kṛṣṇa, it was like in match of world cup in cricket you were told that you will gain the world cup and the whole world will be destroyed so then you think what is the use of world cup when there is nobody to celebrate with, there is no friends no relatives, it will be the country of corpuses then they say I don’t want the world cup like this, what is the use of that this kingdom is like empty trophy who want like that na kāṅke vijaya kṛṣṇa, I don’t desire victory and I don’t desire what will come by victory that is the kingdom.

na ca rājya sukhāni ca, I don’t want all this.