Wyoming Game and Fish Department

About the award

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is accepting nominations for its newly-created Wyoming Youth Conservationist of the Year.  The award honors a Wyoming resident 18 years or younger who has demonstrated leadership and accomplishment in any phase of conservation either individually or as a group effort.

A Selection Committee of individuals from Game and Fish, outdoor and conservation organizations and the community who have exhibited a long-term commitment to conservation in the State of Wyoming will examine the nominations and choose one winner each year.

How to submit

Mail this application and supporting materials (listed below) to:

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Youth Conservationist of the Year

5400 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne, WY 82006

You can also e-mail this form with the summary of accomplishments to meghan.lockwood@wyo.gov. Photos will also be accepted with the nomination.

2020 Wyoming Youth Conservationist of the Year form

Nominee information


Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number and Email_____________________________________________________________

Parent or guardian contact phone number and email_______________________________________

Nominated by


Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number and Email:______________________________________________________________

Accomplishments (to be attached)

With this application, please include a summary of at least 500 words of why you are nominating this youth. Reasons can include, but are not limited to, impactful conservation- or outdoor-related projects, an especially active involvement in outdoor projects or groups, volunteering for outdoor causes, inspiring other youth to get into the outdoors or outstanding outdoor ethics.

In addition to the summary of accomplishments, please also provide the following: