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Single/Doublehanded Race
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Saturday July 30, 2022

SKIPPERS MEETING:            0930 hrs.  FIRST SIGNAL:                       1030 hrs.


GENERAL: The Single/Double Handed Race strives to promote single and double-handed sailing amongst the KYC fleet. The race will consist of a short to moderate length course around Kingston Harbour, using KYC racing marks.


Rule 40 (PFDs required) may be in force for all competitors. Its status will be announced at the Skipper’s Meeting. There will be a chase boat on course for the duration of the race in case of emergency.


Racers wishing to inquire further, or propose suggestions should contact their class representatives, or the RMC. The nature of this event will be one of experimentation and fun. Suggestions will be more than welcome from all parties.


There will be three fleets scored:

Sharks (must race single-handed, fleet flag pennant 2),

PHRF Single Handed (includes NFS boats,  fleet flag pennant 1),

PHRF Double Handed (includes NFS boats, fleet flag pennant 3).

PHRF boats racing either single or double handed as NFS shall declare at or before the skippers meeting. The RC may start fleets together in the same sequence.


COURSE:                                  to be decided and announced at the Skippers Meeting



PHRF Singlehanded:                        Spring Regatta Cup

PHRF Doublehanded:                      Lake of Two Mountains Cup

Shark:                                              Albacore Blade