#317 - The Angry Chicken: “SN1P-SN4P”


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Main Check in: 11:30 AM CT June 15th

Tournament begins: 12:00 PM CT June 15th

Schedule tab still says May 25th on Battlefy

Come win some packs and play the new Specialist format! 1st - 4th place will each win 15 cards packs. There will also be a bounty on Dills. If you beat him you’ll win yourself 15 packs. Finally a random participant outside of the top 4 will also be awarded with 15 packs.

Shoutout to Rode and Rode employee Jujubear (on Bnet) for hooking us up!


The Rise of Mech Patch

The Rise of Mech patch went live yesterday, for desktop users. The mobile update was scheduled to release today at 9 am PDT (12 pm EDT).

Arena Went Down

Via CM Mary Anne Lee on the official forums

There was some sort of issue with yesterday’s patch so Arena was taken offline for most of the day. Arena is now back up. Side note for mobile users: If you haven’t already updated, the 14.4 update can take over an hour to finish on mobile.

Original post:

We’ve identified an issue with Arena caused by the most recent Hearthstone update, which requires us to temporarily disable the game mode. During this time, Arena will not be available for play. Please check back on this thread for progress updates on the issue.

The Fix:

10:36 pm PDT on June 3

We’ve resolved the issues with arena mode and expect to make the mode available again shortly after this post goes live.

The 14.4 update for mobile will now begin at or around 9am PDT tomorrow morning, June 4. The update will take some time to complete, so please allow an hour or so to see the update reflected on your device. We will provide updates during this time as well so you know when to expect to see the game live.

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Patch 14.4


SN1P-SN4P is here. Log in for your free golden legendary mech.

Reminder: Even though SN1P-SN4P is considered a Boomsday card, SN1P-SN4P will not drop from Boomsday card packs.

All of the cards buffs to Boomsday cards are here. For a full rundown of all of the buffs coming in with yesterday’s patch go listen to episode 315 of TAC.

Other Patch Changes

Quality of Life Changes:

Accessing Hearthstone Offline:

Matchmaking Improvements:

Noteworthy Bug Fixes:

$20 Masters Bundle to support HS esports

Blizz put out a new bundle with 10 Rastakhan and 10 Rise of Shadows packs for $20. Buyers will also receive a new card back and a new Shaman Hero: The Thunder King.

When you purchase the Masters Bundle, you’ll not only receive the Thunder King Shaman Hero, Stolen Thunder Card Back, 10 Rise of Shadow Card Packs, and 10 Rastakhan’s Rumble Card Packs at an incredible price; you’ll also be directly supporting Hearthstone esports! A portion of the proceeds from the Masters Bundle will go towards the prize pools for the three upcoming Masters Tour tournaments in 2019, up to a maximum of $250,000 USD in additional prizing per tournament. So, pick up this specially-priced bundle and make your mark on Hearthstone esports!

Fine Print


Chapter 4 of the Dalaran Heist went live

Take the fight to the Underbelly (Dalaran Sewers)!

Mr. Chu - Warrior and Squeamlish - Druid are now playable classes for the Heist.


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Strategy - Post-buff decks











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