September 25, 2018

Dear Kiva Community  -

As we prepare to move in to our new location at 601 N Mildred, we would like to share the following information regarding how the continued construction will be taking place.


The Children’s Kiva Building Corporation has worked very closely and continuously with the architect, the engineer, the Cortez Building Department, and the contractor to keep all the pieces of this project moving forward. We have also worked very closely with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Cortez Police Department, Cortez Fire Department, and the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office to ensure that everything in the school meets the highest standards of safety for our children, teachers, staff, parents, and visitors.

After we move in and continue working on Phase Two, the section of the building we will be actively using for the school will be completely sealed off from the construction portion of the building. HVAC and ventilation will not cross sides, any unit that does cross areas will be shut off completely.  There will be a full vacuum/negative air system in which the contamination will be unable to go back into the school side of the building. The Fire Department, Police Department, and other safety teams will be checking in on and evaluating safety on both sides consistently throughout the ongoing project.  

The second portion of the building is currently planned to be under construction until January of 2019. We will continue to provide ongoing updates as construction progresses.

Safety is our highest priority and will continue to direct all of our decision making. Thank you everyone for your patience and support through this transition.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us via or you may also contact Sean K. Canada, Fire/Building Inspector with the City of Cortez, at 970.564.4009


Children’s Kiva Montessori Elementary/Middle School Board of Directors