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elite JR CO and elite Company Apprentice Contract


Email Address

Cell Phone Number 

Do you wish to be considered for:

᥇ JR CO          ᥊ elite JR CO Theatre Apprentice    

                    ᥊ elite Company Apprentice   ᥊ elite Company Theatre Apprentice

What is your Birthdate?  (M/D/Y)  _______    How old will you be for the season? _____

Please list your current level of dance in Ballet  ____  Jazz ____  Tap ___


Please list some of the goals you have as a company member for this season

Conditions for Membership

Please make sure that you have read all of the company membership information

 I have an elite on-line office account.

☐ I understand and agree to the elite Company Requirements and Standards.

☐ I understand and will follow the Company Class and Rehearsal schedule.

☐ I understand that I am responsible for Company Expenses.

 I understand that I am required to attend the Summer Dance Intensive in June.  If I cannot be present for the week of the Intensive, I understand that I am still required to register for the week and then will schedule 6 private sessions in June or July as a make up.

☐ I have looked at the Company Show schedule and will be participating in required events

☐ I understand the Show Participation Requirements.

☐ I understand that it is my responsibility to call or email to excuse myself for missed classes and rehearsals.

☐ I understand that if I leave or am removed from the company, participation may not be considered until next season.

☐ I understand that if I am not on the company, I will be paying full price for my tuition.

SIGNATURE: _____________________________________  DATE:_____________