Period 50 (2018)

Period 50 provides our students with an opportunity to learn more about the world of work. Presenters come from training institutions and universities. Students have the opportunity to hear from employers and employees (sometimes ex-students) working in a variety of career areas.

Period 50s usually happen in terms 1 & 2.  Attendance is optional for Year 12 & 13 students.  Year 11 students must register with Careers if they wish to attend a specific Period 50.

Period 50 information for Seniors is advertised in daily notices.


Feb 22          Thursday: P4 (12.25 - 1.25)

Career in Tourism (Ceri from International Travel College) and AUT University (Yuval)

Mar 8  Thursday: P4 (11.23 - 1.25)

Career in Air Force Avionics (Icy Guo) and Study at Canterbury University (Kate)

Mar 20 Tuesday: P3 (11.25 - 12.25)

Study at Unitec (Debbie Loots) and Defence Careers (Blake Northover)


May 7 Monday: P3 (11.25 - 12.25)

Diana Davidson from Service IQ (Careers in Hospitality, Aviation, Retail, Tourism ) and Kerry Rasmussen from BCITO (Careers in Building and Construction - painting, flooring, plaster, concrete, bricks, tiling, joiner etc)

May 21 Monday: P3 (11.25 - 12.25)

Study at University of Auckland (Penelope Ireland) and Study at University of Otago (Kitiona Pasene)

May 31 Thursday: P4 (12.25 - 1.25) YEAR 13 COMPULSORY

Electoral Office presentation (Students and Michelle Machin)

June 7 Thursday: P4 (12.25 - 1.25)

Study at University of Waikato (Cassandra Suemai)  and Core Composites - covering the Marine Industry (Tracey Eaton)

June 18 Monday: P3 (11.25 - 12.25)

Study at Massey University (Rebekah Sulman) and Study at Victoria University (Lylla Leaupepe)

July 2nd Monday: P3 (11.25 - 12.25)

Volunteering - Projects Abroad (Riddhi Patel), Student exchanges and GAP year opportunities (Sonia Joyce)

There are sometimes other presentations at lunchtimes or in specific subject classes.