1.        Purpose

Employees who are unable to carry out their job responsibilities on a daily basis because of illness or disability shall be covered under the following District fringe benefit program for a period of twelve (12) months from the initial date of disability.

2.        Guidelines

The date of disability shall be the first day of absence for the illness which has subsequently resulted in disability. The fringe benefits to be continued will include hospitalization, major medical, dental, and life insurance.

It is the employee's responsibility to request an appropriate leave at the termination of sick leave benefits. The appropriate leaves are:

  1. Disability Retirement.
  2. Sabbatical Leave.
  3. Leave of Absence.

Employees on disability retirement and a leave of absence will be able to remain on the District's hospitalization/major medical and life insurance group until age sixty-five (65) by paying the monthly premium. Sabbatical leave employees are included in fringe benefit groups at District expense.