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Facilities and Properties Use:

Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines

Updated: 7/2017  (6 Pages)


The use of Memorial Lutheran Church (the Church) facilities by members and non-members is a closely controlled privilege.

Due to extensive requests for the use of the Church facilities we are working to establish a Memorial Facilities and Properties Use Program.

Our goal is to merge requests to use our facilities with the Church’s responsibilities to its mission, its congregation, our community, our insurance carrier, local and state laws and codes.

Each request will be considered in relationship to a criteria established to meet these responsibilities. The Facilities and Propertied Use: Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines  attempts to make this criteria and the policy expectations known to the parties involved. For the latest version view:, “Facility Use”.

Section 1: Requirements for Use

  1. The group agrees to make themselves familiar with this document, the Facilities and Properties Use: Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines. ( “Facility Use Info”)
  2. The group agrees to submit an original (not emailed) Memorial Lutheran Church Facilities and Properties: Application to Lease or Rent.  Apply 60+ days in advance of the activity. Note: Any missing or incomplete information voids the form.
  3. Where/when requested the “title” of the person we dealing with, that has the authorization to act as the Authorized Representative for/from the Tenant to sign the Church legal documents, is to be provided.
  4. If the space is available and the criteria for use is met an acknowledgment and the following required documents will be emailed.
  5. These documents are to be submitted (not emailed) for the Church office for consideration:
  1. Authorized Representative Agreement: signed original
  2. Statement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless: notarized original
  3. Insurance:  Reference: Section 2,  Insurance Requirements
  4. Any other requested information
  5. Any changes to the information on the Tenant  application that differ from those on the original documents will void the Confirmation of Use.
  1. When requested the group agrees to provide the Requested Minimum Donation and maintain a Refundable Key Deposit  to Memorial Lutheran Church.
  2. Effective September 1, 2017 Confirmation to Use the Church facilities and properties is not valid beyond December 31 each year. A Confirmation to Use letter is for; January 1 to December 31 each year, unless otherwise stated in writing by the Church or its representative.
  3. A member of the Church Board of Directors will review and approve/deny the requested documents for Church use. If approved a Confirmation to Use letter/email will be provided.

Section 2: Insurance Requirements


Important: The Certificate Holder is required to be covered by Additional Insured endorsement under a Commercial General Liability Broadening Endorsement.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Name and address of Insurance Company:

Name and address of Insured:

Effective/Expiration Date:

Policy Number:

  1. Type of Insurance: ADDITIONAL INSURED endorsed only applies to the Certificate Holder if there is a written contract or written agreement between the insured and the certificate holder that requires status as Additional Insured as stated in the Commercial General Liability Broadening Endorsement, and only with regard to Memorial Lutheran Church, 2602 E 28st Vancouver, WA, 98661, referenced in the in the insurance policy.
  1. Commercial General Liability: “OCCUR”
  2. Gen’l Aggregate Limit Applies Per: “LOC”
  3. Additional Insured:
  4. Amount of Insured:
  1. Each Occurrence =$1,000,000
  2. Damage to Rented Premises (Each Occurrence) = $1,000,000
  3. Medical Expenses= $10.000
  4. Personal & ADV Injury=$1,000,000
  5. General Aggregate= $2,000,000
  1. Description:
  1. All activities of ______________ (Name of Group)
  2. Memorial Lutheran Church, 2602 E 28th St, Vancouver WA. 98661
  3. Note: Place no limitations on: activities, date, time, etc.
  1. Instructions: Submit to the Landlord the Certificate of Liability Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance, all endorsements and supporting policy provisions to Memorial Lutheran Church, 2602 E. 28th St., Vancouver WA 98661
  2. Termination of Use: Failure by the Tenant to maintain continuity of this insurance coverage will result in termination of the rental agreement.

Section 3: Required: Non-Member Annual Document Renewal


Effective September 1, 2017: Should the group decide to use the Church facilities for another year:

  1. Before December 1 of this year the Tenant is required to submit (no email submissions) these documents to renew the lease or rental agreement for the following year, unless otherwise stated in writing by the Church or its representative.
  1. Application: to Lease or Rent Memorial Lutheran Church Facilities and Properties
  2. Tenant Authorized Representative Agreement
  3. Notarized Statement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless
  4. A list of individuals who currently use or posses a facility Key/Card Key.  Include their email, address and phone number.
  1. Continuity of Liability Insurance policy and coverage is to be assured. Reference: Insurance Requirements, Section 2
  2. All documents and information will be reviewed by the Operations Ministry Leader and/or by the Church Board of Directors. Consideration will be given to confirming facility use for the following year.
  3. Upon review of the content of all submitted documents a denial or Confirmation of Use letter will be issued.

Section 4: Causes for Termination of Use

Memorial Lutheran Church may terminate the use of Church facilities or property at any time prior to December 31 each year. Said termination of use shall be immediate upon Memorial Lutheran Church election to do so.  Immediately, upon notice of termination of use all Key(s) and/or Card Key(s) are to be turned into the Church Office or forfeit the Key Deposit.

Causes for termination of use as specified therein, but not limited to:

  1. Causes for Termination of Use include the Rules for Use this document.
  2. Failure to follow the Facilities and Properties Use Policy and the Facilities and Properties Use: Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines.
  3. Voiding Confirmation of Use for the use of Church Facilities:
  1. Any changes to any of the Church’s required documents. This includes, but is not limited to a change in Insurance carrier.
  2. Changes to, missing or incomplete information on the Church’s required documents
  3. Failure to provide the Required: Non-Member Annual Document Update or contact the Facility Coordinator about such failure before December 1 each year.
  1. Insurance Coverage:
  1. Continuity of  Insurance coverage is to be maintained
  2. Insurance coverage provided meets Section 2: Insurance Requirements of this document
  1. Abuse, illegal or unauthorized use of access codes, key(s) or card key(s).
  2. Using a different room other than the one described in the Confirmation of Use without written permission.
  3. Misuse or neglect of the facility, building or property, not locking of doors and windows.
  4. Use of  drugs, alcohol and smoking on/in Memorial Lutheran Church properties.
  5. Illegal activities and/or violation of  City, County, State laws and codes, Vancouver Fire & Building Codes or other applicable codes, such as Handicapped Parking, and agreements.
  6. Other activities or inactivates as determined by the Operations Ministry Area Leader or Executive Committee which are deemed inappropriate.
  7. Unanticipated congregational activities by members that require permanent use of the Facilities.
  8. Memorial Parish Hall: Church sponsored events needing the use of the Memorial Parish Hall may cause temporary suspension of use.  Every effort will be made to offer a different day.

Section 5: Rules for Use of Church Facilities and Properties

  1. Rules for Use include the Causes for Termination of Use listed in this document.
  2. No Soliciting.
  3. Adult Supervision: Groups of members or non-members which are not of voting age (18 years) shall be supervised at all times by individuals over voting age.
  4. Adult Celebrations: Adult celebrations require special approval by the Operations Ministry Leader.
  5. Parish Hall: No cooking or food preparation. NO “cooking” appliances. Examples, but not limited to: electric burners, gas burners, toaster ovens or electric fry pans. Acceptable:  Pre-cooked food in Slow Cookers (Crock Pots) or service dishes.
  6. Handicapped Parking: Parking in Handicapped Parking without a visible handicapped license plate or handicapped permit will resulting in the offending vehicle being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense and under the current laws governing such action. No warning will be issued to the owner of the vehicle.
  7. No Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol: Use of drugs are prohibited, unless prescribed by a State Licensed Physician, on Memorial Lutheran Church property.  Exception: Sacramental wine for Communion, or as allowed by the wedding handbook if applicable.
  8. Group Size: The size of groups utilizing the facilities shall be limited by Vancouver Fire & Building Codes for the space(s) to be used.
  1. Parish Hall Conference/Classrooms, Occupancy Maximum: 10 People
  2. Parish Hall Main Rm(Gym), Occupancy Maximum: 130 People
  1. Fire & Safety:
  1. No open flame devices or candles.
  2. Only Authorized persons named on the facility Facility Key Request form that is filed in the Church Office are to possess the facility access code, key or card key.
  1. Hours of Use: The normal hours of use are limited to 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 
  2. Noise Mitigation: Music or other noise generating activity will not disturb other facility users and shall not be audible to the surrounding neighborhood.
  3. Pets or Animals: No pets or animals (except Certified Service Animals) are permitted in any part of the facility.
  4. Care and Maintenance: Tenant is responsible for the general care & maintenance of the property and returning the facility to pre-use or better condition:
  1. All chairs, tables, dishes etc. shall be cleaned and returned to their places.
  2. Garbage is to be collected and placed in appropriate containers.
  3. General clean-up shall be done at the end of each use.
  4. Turning off lights, air conditioning, lowering thermostats, closing and locking of doors and windows shall be done at the end of each use.

Section 6: Access to Memorial Facilities

Effective 1/27/2017: A Confirmation of Use letter is not an authorization to receive a facility key/card.

  1. A Facility Key/Card Key request is separate procedure that is only becomes available after receipt of the Confirmation of Use letter by the group representative and the Church office.
  2. Key Deposit: For the security of individuals and Church facilities authorized possession of any key/card requires an “Key Deposit”. Further information contact: 
  3. Non-Key Access to the building is provided by scheduled appointment only, and requires 15 days notice to arrange a specific time for a Church volunteer to open the building.

Section 7: Scheduling Priority

The following are listed in the order of priority in which use of the properties of Memorial Lutheran Church (the Church) will be scheduled.

  1. Regularly scheduled uses by members for the Preaching of the Gospel, Dispensing of the Sacraments, for Worship, to Practice Christian Fellowship and to serve the needs of all people in Christian Love.
  2. For member emergencies such as funerals.
  3. Special events or seasonal activities by church member groups such as: youth group activities, fellowship gatherings, building repairs or renovation etc.
  4. Member family events such as wedding, anniversaries or special gatherings.
  5. Community and other Ministry groups which have written authorization from Operations Ministry Area Leader or Executive  Committee.
  6. Parish Hall: Memorial Lutheran Church sponsored events or groups take precedence.
  7. Other individuals or groups scheduling events, meetings or programs around the restrictions listed above.

 Section 8: General Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Scheduling Management: As much notice as possible, a minimum of 30 days advance submission, is requested to get through the review process to use the Church facilities and properties.
  1. Scheduling of Memorial Lutheran Church properties is to be done through the Facilities Use Coordinator and is supervised by the Operations Ministry Area Leader and the Church Board of Directors. 
  2. Conflicts shall first be reviewed against the priority list above and considered in Christian Love. If the Operations Ministry Area Leader can not resolve a scheduling issue, the issue shall be referred to the Executive Committee for resolution.
  1. Submit the original signed documents either US mail or to the Church office (No email submissions).
  2. Where and when the title of the individual signing the binding documents is requested: Only person(s) who are active in the group or are duly appointed authorized representative of group with the authority for/from the group to sign binding documents.  
  3. It is suggested that an emergency (secondary) contact in case something comes up at the last minute.
  4. For the security of the Church members and Church facilities possession of a facility access key requires separate Facility Key Request and “Key Deposit”, there are no exceptions.
  5. No unauthorized persons are to possess the facility access code, key or card key. An authorized person is named on the Parish Hall Key Request form that is filed in the Church Office.
  6. To assure credit to your account all donations are to be made to the Church office, in an envelope labeled with the amount enclosed, group name, meeting day and time.

Section 9: Church Member, Memorial Parish Hall Use Requirements

The Church group agrees to make themselves familiar with the Church Properties Use: Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines.

 The request does not proceed without review of all requested documents by the Church Board of Directors.

  1. Effective January 1, 2017:  Basic criteria, but not limited to: Is this request a Ministry or Church sponsored event?
  2. Request that do not meet the criteria may be assigned to the Memorial Parish Hall. Effective January 1, 2017: Tenant or authorized representative is required to:
  1. Submit:
  1. Church Member: Facility Use Request, signed
  2. Statement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless, notarized original
  3. Authorized Representative Agreement, signed original
  4. Certificate of Liability Insurance, when the use request represents a licensed business operation. Reference: Section 2: Insurance Requirements of this document
  5. Evidence of Additional Insurance endorsement under the Tenant’s Commercial General Liability Insurance policy.
  1. May be requested to provide a Minimum Donation and a Refundable Deposit by the Board of Directors.
  2. Upon review an email response will be provided.

Section 10: Requirements: Community Resource (Drop-In) Facilitators

March 14, 2017 Community Resource Facilitator’s Criteria: Those that desire to present materials or assist individuals in recognizing available community benefits and resources at the same time as the Angels of God Ministry are exempt for participation in the Facilities Program and are under the terms of a separate agreement. Per President of the Church Board of Directors.

Section 11: Document Subject to Change

Memorial Lutheran Church reserves the right to alter the Facilities and Properties Use: Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines at any time.

End Document: Facilities and Properties Use: Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines