Our client, a private home in Southern California, is looking for a team to manage their estate.  The owners are older, but still very active.  They are looking for someone to manage their home and grounds.   The management and care of the exterior of the house and grounds will include overseeing the staff that takes care of the grounds, pool etc., some simple handyman jobs are involved, and occasional driving.  The management of the interior includes overseeing the staff, light cooking, and cleaning, taking  care of arrangements for dinner and cocktail parties, visiting guests, preparing for trips,  occasional driving. They are looking for a team who will make sure their life runs smoothly.  

There is a house that will be provided that is within walking distance of the estate...across the street...and on the water.  Time off will be discussed. And a salary that is agreeable to both sides is the goal.

Must be US citizens or have a Green Card.

If you are interested send your interest to Job1834@preferredcrew.com

To be considered for this position, you must meet all of the requirements in the post above.  

If we have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to you, please be aware that:

90% of our clients have yachts that are:

- Motor Yachts

- Moving (without a home base)

- Seeking Full Time Crew (not freelance or seasonal)

- Between 30 meters and 90 meters

- Require us to only consider candidates with a proven history of making commitments.

- Commercially registered (and require licenses for the Minimum Manning Document).

- Are unable to consider teams.

100% of our clients require:

- STCW Basic Training including Security

- ENG1 or other Medical Fit For Duty

- Passport that is valid and in hand.