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Virtual Academy Eligibility Requirements
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Student Eligibility Criteria

It is the goal of Burke Virtual Academy to provide a virtual school of choice within the Burke County School System. All students enrolled in the academy will enjoy a flexible and supported approach to online learning. As students work through their daily lessons, their online teachers provide them with meaningful instruction and timely feedback. We strive to provide rigorous academic instruction and ensure student success at each grade level. The following provides guidelines for student success in a virtual setting.

For the 2023-2024 school year, Burke Virtual Academy will only serve 7th & 8th grade students.

Overall Criteria

  • Student must reside in the district and proof of residency must be provided (students residing outside of the district must have an approved Transfer Request on file with central office)
  • Students must be in the appropriate cohort year for school year 2023-24
  • Students/parents must attend a face-to-face Beginning of Year Parent Conference

7th Grade & 8th Grade

Middle School students should meet the following eligibility criteria to experience success in Burke Virtual Academy.

  • Demonstrate a high level of independent learning skills and self-motivation
  • Virtual learning requires students to read grade level material independently across all subject areas
  • At Home Learning Coach
  • Access to a dedicated adult that can provide support as needed
  • Students should have earned a passing grade in all subject areas for the previous school year
  • Student Attendance will be taken daily following guidance from NCDPI. A middle school student must be present in the scheduled live zoom session in order to be counted present of the day.
  • Students who are inactive or absent for five consecutive days may be required to attend an attendance intervention meeting with a representative from the child's base school and Virtual Academy.
  • Students whose grade falls below passing (below 60%) will be required to attend additional Live Zoom sessions to recieve academic interventions.
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Principal/VA Coordinator Approval

Note: Students who fail one or more core or elective courses are not eligible to continue as a virtual student the following semester.

Updated January 2023