Technical Guide

ERTC Individual Time Trial

6 May 2018

Race Organizers

Edmonton Road and Track Club

Tim Bulger         


  1. Register on Zone4:      
  2. Race day registration, bring cash and arrive early


This 30 km individual time trial takes place Sunday May 6th, starting at 10:30am.

The start/finish line is at Wilton Park Hall, located at the corner of Twp Rd 502 and RR 274

Directions to Wilton Park Hall:


All riders must be members of an ABA affiliated cycling club. As with other spring races the categories will be self-assigned A, B, C

Race Categories

Self assigned but suggest:

Race Schedule

The first rider will go off at 10:30am with subsequent riders starting at thirty second intervals. The final rider will go off at approximately 11:20am and complete the course before 12:20pm.

If you miss your start time you can still race, but will have to wait for all other racers to be started before you start. Don't use this as an excuse to show up late!

Start Order

The “A” group will start first followed by the “B” and “C” groups.

A detailed start order sheet will be created and sent out on Saturday May 5th.

Open Roads

This race is taking place on open public roads, respect all traffic laws.

Yield to cars at the turn around, losing seconds is better than losing your life.


will open at 10:00am at Wilton Park Hall.

If you still have 2017 body numbers, or race numbers from any other event, present them at sign on so we can record that as your race number for timing.

Race Numbers

If you still have your ABA body numbers from a previous racing season (2017 or 2016) please bring them and that number will be used for timing.

Race numbers will be provided at the sign-in and have to be returned after you complete your race.

Course Map

A detailed course map is available at


This is a training race and a chance for you to test your fitness, we will work to have some give away prizes. If you have any swag or items to donate for prizes please bring them to the race.

Parking and Facilities

Parking is available at Wilton Park Hall. Participants are encouraged to ride to the race from Edmonton, Calmar, or Devon, consider this your warmup.

Racers will have access to the hall, please remove your racing shoes before entering the hall.


Results will be posted online and sent by email as soon as is practicable

First Aid

There are no emergency services on site

In the event of an emergency call 911

The nearest hospital is in Devon located at: 101 Erie Street, Devon, AB T9G 1A6


Pop and chips will be provided to racers at Wilton Hall following completion of the race

Rider Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, including but not limited to public

urination, littering, use of profane language and verbal abuse of officials.

Anti-Doping Rule Violation

The ABA complies with and fully supports the UCI anti-doping regulations, the clauses of

the World Anti-Doping Code and its international standards to which the UCI anti-doping

regulations refer and to the anti-doping regulations of other competent bodies as per the

regulations of the UCI.

ABA/CC/UCI Regulations

As always review the ABA/CC/UCI regulations found on the ABA website.