Trej Gun

JS Architect


Skype: TrejGun


Mobile: +62 (812) 3919 87-60 (Indonesia)

Mobile: +38 (067) 868-21-83 (Ukraine)

Location: worldwide (Denpasar / GMT+8)







State University of Information and Communication Technologies

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security

Ukraine, Kiev, 2006 – 2011

National University of Food Technology

unfinished, brewer

Ukraine, Kiev, 2003 – 2005


Adventure Bucket List, Vancouver, Canada 03/2015 – 11/216

Back-End Architect

Project: Adventure Bucket List

Overview: Ticket aggregation system built from scratch using Node.js/mongoDB. RESTful API serves data to 3 main modules: operator dashboard for tour operator, affiliate dashboard for web sites owners who wants to host a widget and actual widget which shows tours to end customer. Also it has web interface for administrator where administrator can log in as another user to see the problem and help, dashboard for accommodation operators. To integrate all 5 parts an OAuth2 server was created so user can log in into any site and then switch to another without seeing annoying login screen

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

Node.js: Express.js, Q, lodash, mongoose, moment, phantom, handlebars, passport, nodemailer

Builds: webpack, babel, eslint, harproxy, pm2, forever

Tests: mocha, power-assert, istanbul, travis

FPS Networks, Inc., Edmonton, Canada 09/2014 – 02/2015

Back-End Architect

Projects: MathGames

Overview: Educational site for kids to study math in game form. Detailed implementation of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (US/CA/AU). RESTful API can communicate with site itself and 3rd party games such as you can find on or app store/google play markets. Another big thing of this project is processor which renders explanation of mathematical action like long division

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

Node.js: Express.js, Q, async, lodash, mongoose, MathJax, Require.js, Handlebars, LaTeX

Builds: Grunt, Bower, JSHint

Tests: mocha

Ciklum, Kiev, Ukraine 02/2013 – 02/2015

Freelance Consultant (Senior Front-End Engineer / Front-End Architect)

Projects: AdPaper, LoopMe, babylon, tobii, freshdirect

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

JS: Query, Flowplayer, Q, Require.js, React.js

HTML: Handlebars, Freemarker

CSS: SASS, Normalize.css, BEM

Builds: Grunt, Bower

JSGeeks, London, UK 06/2013 – 06/2014

Front-End Architect / Back-End Architect

Projects: MyCrowd, MathGames

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

Node.js/Phantom.js: Mongoose, Express.js, Q, Passport, lodash, async

DB: mongodb

JS: MathJax, HighCharts, Require.js, BackBone, underscore, jQuery, jQueryUI

HTML: Handlebars

Builds: Grunt, Bower

Tests: QUnit, Mocha, Travis-ci

CSS: SASS, Normalize.css

Other: LaTeX, PDF, SVG, ImageMagic, Incscape

Digity, Kiev UA 01/2012 - 06/2012

Front-End Engineer

Projects:TezTour, CatsBoobs, Hercules, Bonduelle

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

PHP: CodeIgniter

JS: jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery-tmpl


Other: ImageMagic

RailsReactor, Boston, US 02/2011 – 04/2013

Front-End Engineer

Projects: IAMScientist, InsideTracker, Dispatch, Clinique, Apptopia, SavingStar, ShareAndTell, Semantic Force

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

Ruby: RoR

PHP: CodeIgniter


CSS: SCSS, SASS, Bourbon, YUI, Bootstrap, 960

JS/CoffeeScript: Mootools, Underscore, Backbone, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQueryMobile

Builds: Grunt

Test QUnit, Selenium

Semantic Force, Kiev, Ukraine 11/2010 – 02/2011

Javascipt Developer

EPAM Systems, Lviv, Ukraine 11/2009 – 10/2010

Javascipt Developer

Projects: Michelin HQ, Better Place

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

Java: Spring, Hibernate

HTML: Freemarker


JS: jQuery, Raphael


Incom, Kyiv, Ukraine 11/2007 – 11/2009

Java Developer

Projects: KyivStar, AIS gai, Watsons Club, UFI

Common tasks:


Used technologies:

Java: Struts, GWT, JFreeChart

HTML:  JSP, Freemarker, Velocity


JS: jQuery, QUnit, ExtJS

Build: Maven, Ant

Test: Selenuim

Luxoft, Kyiv, Ukraine 07/2007 – 10/2007

Java Developer

Projects: ProQuo

Common tasks:

Used technologies:


JS: jQuery



Servus Systems Integration, Kyiv, Ukraine 05/2006 – 07/2007

Front-End Developer

Projects (Banks: Private, Diamant, Alfa, Raiffeisen-Aval; Samsung)

Common tasks:

Used technologies:

JS: jQuery, Prototype




Promsat, Kyiv, Ukraine 08/2005 – 05/2006

PHP Developer

Projects: Promsat

Common tasks:

Used technologies:







Programming Languages: JS/SASS

Overview: refactoring and developing backend of educational site for children

Technologies: Mongoose (DRM), Express, Grunt, Bower, Q, Underscore, MathJax, Require.js, Backbone, jQuery, jQueryUI, Handlebars

API: FaceBook/Twitter/Google (Passport.js), Google maps

Role: BE architect

Programming Languages: HTML5/JS/SASS

Overview: redesigning existing site

Technologies: React.js, SASS, Freemarker

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: HTML5/JS/SASS

Overview: creating site from scratch

Technologies: Flowplayer, Grunt

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: JS

Overview: developing of cross domain communication for ad rotating system

Technologies: Old IE, frames, ajax, comet, cross window messaging.

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: HTML5/JS/SASS

Overview: refactoring and developing of ad rotating system for browser and mobile devices

Technologies: jQuery, Grunt

API: Mraid, mobup

Role: FE architect

Programming Languages: HTML5/JS/CSS

Overview: refactoring and bugfixing of ipad application for provisors

Technologies: jQuery, jQueryUI, Globalize, cordova

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: HTML5/JS/CSS/Ruby

Overview: developing of crowd funding site for scientific research

Technologies: RoR, jQuery, LSD

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: HTML5/JS/CSS

Overview: developing FE of online tour operator

Technologies: jQuery, jQueryUI

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: HTML5/JS/CSS/Flash

Overview: developing FE of online icecream shop

Technologies: jQuery, jQueryUI, swfObject

API: Google Analytics, FB, VK

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: HTML/JS/CSS

Overview: developing of site markup

Technologies: jQuery, YUI CSS-framework

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: PHP5/HTML5/JS/CSS

Overview: developing FE and BE

Technologies: jQuery, jQueryUI, CodeIgniter

API: Google Analytics, FB, VK, Disqus, Twitter

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: PHP5/MySQL/HTML5/CSS3/JS

Overview: creating FE & BE for online nutrition calculator and dietary advicer

Technologies: jQuery, jQueryUI, CodeIgniter, Selenium, Maven

API: Google Analytics, YouTube, Disqus

Role: FE & BE developer

Programming Languages: Ruby/SCSS/CoffeeScript, HTML5/JS

Overview: developing of site and admin panel of dispatch service with GPS location

Technologies: Backbone, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQueryMobile

API: Google Maps

Role: FE & mobile developer

Programming Languages: HTML5/CSS3/JS/Flash

Overview: developing FE of corporate site

Technologies: jQuery, Cufon, Flowplayer

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: Java/HTML/CSS

Overview: developing front end of customer selfcare system

Technologies: JSP, jQuery, jQueryUI, YUI

API: Google Analytics, FB, VK, Twitter, YouTube

Role: FE developer

Programming Languages: J2EE/HTML5/CSS3/JS

Overview: supportiong and developing FE and BE of mobile operator selfcare system

Technologies: jQuery, JFreeChart, JSP, Velocity, Freemarker, Ant

Role: FE & BE developer

There were much more projects but some of them were for ATMs, kiosks, ipads, or information stands, others were never finished but their code still exists somewhere on my hard drive.