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The Cockpit is a studio theatre within a short walk of Marylebone station and Edgware Road. We are looking for fresh, brave and interesting pieces. Controversial? No problem. A fringe festival is the perfect time to explore ideas and experiment and we want to programme a range of shows that do just that. We are able to programme shows throughout the day and late into the night.
We’re looking for a range of styles and genres to make this festival as varied as possible. We are open to new writing, classical text, musicals, circus, live music and daytime family shows.

Our Auditorium:

You will have access to our large dressing rooms, sound equipment, a warm & a cool wash, a general flood and a spotlight plus other technical facilities (available upon request).

We have slots at 3pm, 7pm & 9pm. We will fill these on a first come first served basis (after applications have been accepted).
As a guide, our slots go for £270.00 plus 15% Box Office takings and are negotiable depending on the length of your run.

This year we are actively looking for shows that use our space to it’s full potential. For example shows that are in the round, that utilise aerial rigging, that lean towards gig-style theatre or that use the audience in an unconventional way. Surprise us, we are open to taking risks!

Prices are negotiable according to length of run, complexity and anticipated attendance of drinkers. Fee includes a two and a half hour technical rehearsal slot plus technical support to get you started and full online/phone/door box-office operation.

For more information on programming and rates for the Camden Fringe, please contact us.

For more information on the theatre, visit