When they meet

What they are about

Amateur Radio Club

Friday - Lunch

Room 10

Educate students about amateur radio

Animation Club

Friday - Lunch

Room 9

Teach people how to animate

Backpacking Club

Wednesday - Lunch

Room 4

Expose students to the great outdoors. Go on at least 1 camping trip a year

Basketball Club

Thursday - Lunch

 Small Gym

Build a sense of community and play Basketball

Cooking Club


Room 12

To teach kids cooking skills & love of cooking

D.I.Y. Club

Monday - Lunch

Room 1

To have fun and make cool projects!

Environment Club

Tuesday - Lunch

Room 3

To help make River School Environmentally Friendly

Friday Night Live

Tuesday - Lunch

Room 9

Provides an opportunity for young people to come together to take action on issues in their community.


Wednesday - Lunch

Room 3

Gay Straight Alliance

Garden Club (Pending)

Lunch Club

Monday & Wednesday - Lunch

Room 7

Math support and Homework help

Magic Card Club

Wednesday - Lunch

Room 11

Play “Magic the Gathering” Card game

One Life Club

Wednesday - Lunch

Room 6

To be a supportive and safe environment for kids.  Encourage and help with daily school events.

Yearbook Club

Friday - After School

Room 15

Assemble the River School yearbook

a/o 9/25/18 -ab