Odeum Acceptable Privacy Practices Policy
Effective: March 23, 2020

Revision: 1.1

This Odeum Acceptable Privacy Practices Policy sets forth the acceptable privacy practices of owners and licensors of video programs (“Publishers”) that use the Odeum Service to offer their video programs to subscribers. This policy is an addendum to Odeum’s Privacy Policy, Odeum’s Subscriber Terms of Service and Odeum’s Publisher Terms of Service.


Publisher may use subscriber information for its internal business purposes only.


Publisher may disclose subscriber information to authorized employees, independent contractors, and vendors for the purpose of allowing Publisher to operate its video service.


Publisher shall take reasonable measures to prevent authorized access to its Odeum account. If Publisher downloads any subscriber information from the Odeum service, Publisher shall use reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to such downloaded information and the systems hosting it.



If Publisher provides links to any websites or applications that it hosts, it shall publish and comply with an appropriate privacy policy.


Publisher shall allow subscribers to update their account information. If a subscriber deletes an account with a Publisher, the Publisher shall promptly delete the subscriber’s account and related information.


Publisher shall allow Odeum to, upon written notice, conduct an audit of Publisher’s systems and practices to determine compliance with this policy. In the event that an unauthorized third party gains access to any subscriber information in Publisher’s possession, custody, or control, Publisher shall immediately notify Odeum of the circumstances, to the extent permitted by law.


Publisher shall comply with all applicable laws with respect to its access to, use of, or disclosure of subscriber information. Odeum reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Publisher that fails to comply with the terms of this policy. Odeum shall not be liable for any violation of this policy by a Publisher. Publisher agrees that each subscriber shall have the right to enforce this policy against Publisher.