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Space Rental Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a deposit required to hold the space?
  1. Yes, a deposit at least $250.00 is required for rentals over $400.00 (and will be more for higher rental amounts); for rentals $400.00 and under, full payment is required at contract signing.
  1. How far in advance can I book?
  1. You can book for anytime up to one year in advance.  Note that all spaces are subject to availability, so the sooner you book, the more likely it will be available for your desired dates.
  1. Is the space available for non-theatre events?
  1. Yes, subject to availability.  Please note that The Highwood Theatre is a non-smoking venue and events with alcohol carry additional provisions.
  1. Is staffing included with the rental?
  1. Yes, no matter what your rental, a staff member is always onsite to let you in and answer any questions.  For public performances, a Highwood staff member will run the concessions booth and (if you are using our ticketing system) the box office.  A technician can be provided for an additional fee.  If technical equipment is being used in the Recital Hall, a Highwood technician is required.
  1. Can I sell concessions?
  1. No, The Highwood Theatre reserves the right to sell concessions at all events and public performances.
  1. How can I see your facilities?
  1. To see our space, either submit a rental inquiry or call/e-mail us to schedule a time to visit.
  1. Am I allowed to drop off flyers or or other marketing materials?
  1. For public performances, you can drop off flyers and marketing materials to be placed in the building at Highwood’s discretion.  If you are hosting a public performance, you can drop off two posters that will be hung no more than two weeks prior to your event (we do not guarantee placement of these posters).  
  1. What is custom layout, custom lighting/sound?
  1. Because our theatres are black box theatres, their configuration is flexible.  If you do not purchase a custom layout or custom lighting plot, you will be bound to the configuration and lighting plot for the show before yours and cannot move any fixtures, platforms, etc. without express permission from theatre staff (this includes refocusing lights - due to the number of productions in our space, lights are often focused for a production happening before and/or after yours).  Occasionally, small changes or additions can be made to the current lighting plot or layout; if you have a specific question, please inquire.  Current configurations can be provided three months prior to your rental.  If you do purchase a custom layout and custom lighting plot, you are required to submit your layout and lighting/sound plot no less than one month before your rental.  Our technicians will implement the plans so they are ready for you at the start of your rental.  For questions about sound, please inquire.
  1. Do you have digital keyboards available for rental?
  1. Yes, subject to availability, we do have digital keyboards available for an additional fee.  Private Lesson rooms include a digital keyboard, free of charge, by advance request only.
  1. Do you have a projector available for rental?
  1. Yes, subject to availability, we have projectors available for an additional fee.
  1. Can I leave my equipment or personal belongings at the theatre in between rental dates?
  1. If you are renting the space for consecutive public performances, you may leave your set and equipment in the space (with the exception of the Recital Hall).  If you are not renting the space for consecutive performances, you are required to remove all equipment and personal belongings in between rental periods.
  1. What is the seating capacity of your spaces?
  1. The Open Source/Rehearsal Studio and Recital Hall can have no more than 49 total occupants.  Current configurations can be provided three months in advance.
  1. Do I need insurance?
  1. Not always.  If you are holding multiple public performances, we require a certificate of insurance.  If you are only holding one public performance, or no public performances, you may either submit a proof of insurance or you accept all liability and responsibility.
  1. Do you have a lighting rep plots available?
  1. No.  Because our black box theatres are constantly changing configurations, we do not have a standard rep plot.  Current plots can be provided three months in advance.  You can, however, download our Equipment Inventory to help you make your custom lighting plot (if purchased).

  1. Why isn’t sound equipment on your inventory for each space?
  1. Because we have multiple, flexible performance spaces - our sound equipment is shared and moved around depending on the needs of each production.  Please contact us to discuss sound details for your performance.
  1. What are the specs for your spaces
  1. Specs and dimensions can be found on the Space Rental Page of our website.
  1. Do you build set pieces for rentals?
  1. Yes, we can!  We can build everything from simple platforms to full sets.  We can also help you with props/costumes.  Most of this work is subject to additional fees, but we are experienced at working within budgets!
  1. What are your hourly and public performance rates?
  1. Please see our Rental and Equipment Rates.
  1. Can renters use your box office system?
  1. Yes, you can!  Please see Public Performance Terms.
  1. Can you publish information about our show on your website?
  1. If you use our ticketing system, sales will go through our website, so your performance will be advertised more prominently.  If you do not use our ticketing system, we cannot usually post information on our website.
  1. Do you do box office splits?
  1. Generally, no.
  1. Can I call to see if my requested date is available?
  1. We are generally able to reply to all rental requests within two business days.  If you haven’t heard from us within two business days, you are welcome to call our office.
  1. How can I pay my rental fees?
  1. We accept check, cash, or credit card payments.
  1. Is parking available? Are you near a Metro station?
  1. Public parking is available around the theatre.  There is metered street parking as well as a large, metered public parking garage two doors down from the theatre.  Parking is $1.00/hour on the street and $0.70/hour in the garage.  Parking is free after 7:00 PM and on weekends.  Warn your patrons that parking can sometimes be scarce on evenings and weekends, so you should provide them with information on other neighboring parking garages.  Highwood is also metro accessible. We are approximately a 7 minute walk from the Silver Spring Metro station.
  1. Are the spaces handicap accessible?
  1. Unfortunately, at this time, the building is not fully handicap accessible.  

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