Setting up OneSearch

Onesearch allows you to customize database and website results in the search. You can choose the NOVEL Gale Databases. Encyclopedia Britannica and

Step 1. Go to Catalog->Search Setup->Enriched Content Searches

Step 2. Click Edit on the One Search Database Information

Step 3. Choose Add Databases. The Novel ones include Gale and Encyclopedia Britannica. NYCSLS purchases Teaching Books for you located under Reference Databases.

Note: If you already have a lot of Gale Databases listed, you may want to remove them and any other sites too.  I recommend no more than ten listed so it does not slow down the search results in Discover.

Step 4. Choose the Gale Databases you want to add. Below is a listing offered through NOVEL. The ones in bold are recommended.

Academic OneFile (Good for scholarly content, peer reviewed journals) Agriculture Collection

Business Economics and Theory Communications and Mass Media Collection Computer Databases

Criminal Justice Collection Culinary Arts Collection

Diversity Studies Collection

General Reference Center Gold (Database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources)

Educator’s Reference Complete Environmental Studies and Policy Collection Expanded Academic ASAP

Fine Arts and Music Collection

Gardening Collection Gender Studies Collection

General OneFile (Includes popular magazines, news and periodicals) General Science

Health Reference Center Home Improvement

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Information Science and Library Issues

InfoTrac Newsstand Provides access to full-text newspapers

Insurance and Liability Collection Military and Intelligence Database

Opposing Viewpoints (Superb sources for grades fifth and up about all types of social issues. Includes videos, news, images, articles, periodicals, websites, and multiple academic viewpoints on controversial topics) Nursing and Allied Health

Pop Culture Psychology

Popular Magazines Religion and Philosophy Small Business

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine US History

Vocations and Careers World History

War and Terrorism

Business Insights: Essentials

Kids InfoBits (The only elementary Database)

Research in Context: Focused on middle-school, provides age-appropriate videos, newspapers, magazines, primary sources and more!

Step 5. Click on Add Databases by Gale.

Step 6. Enter the Custom URL field for each Gale Database you want to add for your school so you will have to add them one at a time.


To find your own, you need to find your Gale ID. The base for your link will be:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Find your Location ID (enter your school name or part of the name) Or see if your location ID is in the Excel sheet located here:

If your school location is not listed, contact NOVEL at Toll-free (877) 277-0250 or email at

  1. Click on Direct URLs and copy and paste the URL for the database into the Custom URL box: See Sample Below

Step 7: Add Encyclopedia Britannica. Find your custom URL by going to

  1. Click on Direct Database URLS

  1. Enter your Location ID

  1. Copy the URL for Britannica School (all 3 levels) Enter the following User name and password:

Username: nycps Password:        follettaccess

Step 8. Add Teaching Books. You can leave the user name blank. The password is nycdoe.

Step 9. Add any other databases you subscribe to. To enter the free websites, choose them under Reference Databases or Search Engines.

Step 10. To do a search with OneSearch, go to Catalog->Power Search-> Click Include Online Resources. You can also see results in Destiny Discover