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Position Description

General Minister (Executive Presbyter)

Pittsburgh Presbytery


Pittsburgh Presbytery is a covenant community of Jesus Christ that exists to assist and support the witness of our congregations and members as we actively participate in the mission of the Triune God in the world

The role of the General Minister is to guide the Presbytery as it fulfills this purpose through its committees and other bodies, staff, and connections to the broader church.  



  1. Presbytery and Staff Leadership
  1. Provide creative and visionary leadership, guiding and implementing  strategies for Presbytery’s life and mission in new and evolving realities and needs;
  2. Model and promote a culture of transparency, trust, and respect for and reconciliation of the racial, social, and theological diversity within the Presbytery;
  3. Serve as Head of Staff, lead weekly staff meetings, coordinating the work of staff members to best match their gifts, skills, and passions with the ongoing needs of the Presbytery; encouraging their spiritual health and professional development, and working with the Personnel Committee, facilitate annual staff reviews and identify and address concerns as they arise;
  4. Work with other leaders in preparing for Presbytery meetings and commission meetings;
  5. Serve as the Presbytery’s primary representative to ecumenical networks and, in conjunction with the Stated Clerk, denominational networks, including Synod and General Assembly;
  6. Serve as the primary contact for all public relations matters; 
  7. Serve as an ex-officio member without vote of the Executive Committee and the personnel committee;
  8. Provide general oversight for Presbytery’s finances, together with the Treasurer and Finance Committee.
  9. Prepare the annual budget in consultation with the rest of the staff and committee/team chairs, based on Presbytery’s mission, goals, and resources, for approval by the Executive Committee and Presbytery.
  1. Communications
  1. Coordinate a comprehensive strategy for communication among congregations, ministers, Presbytery staff, and Presbytery’s committees and commissions.
  1. Congregational Assistance and Support
  1. In coordination with the other leadership staff, direct and participate in the Presbytery’s strategy for assisting, supporting, and equipping its congregations and members according to the particular gifts, passions, and location of staff members and the organizational configuration and goals of the Presbytery;
  2. Visit with pastors, sessions, and congregations, including preaching and moderating meetings;
  3. Advise and assist pastors and congregations through ministry transitions and difficulties;
  4. Seek opportunities to gather pastors together for mutual encouragement and accountability.
  1. Serve as an ex-officio member without vote on the Nominations Committee.    
  2. Direct and coordinate the work of the leadership staff to provide staff liaisons for the commissions, ministry teams, and committees of the Presbytery.  
  3. Perform such other duties as may be required by the Executive Committee or Presbytery.


All staff are subject to the provisions of Presbytery’s Personnel Manual and The Manual of Pittsburgh Presbytery. This is a full-time, exempt position with indefinite terms of call that are reviewed and approved annually by Presbytery.

June 28, 2023 (DRAFT)