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 Spanish 7


Ms. Sofia Capinha


Phone Number

856-848-8200  x678

Course Website

7A- 2nd period Google classroom code: zyr1ht

7B- 2nd period Google classroom code: hjbm7vx

7A- 6th period Google classroom code: a440ihg

7B- 6th period Google classroom code: yrgb5i

Course Description

        The purpose of Spanish 7 is to acquaint students with the introductory skills of communication and understanding of the cultural background of other people.  The course is designed to aid students in developing personal interests, appreciation and self expression via speech, silent and oral reading, conversational development, appreciation of cultural material.  

Course Expectations and Assessments


Course Policies 

        Students are expected to complete their work by the due date.  

Students will have a majority of the work on Google classroom and various resources to assist them.  

In order to be allowed to retake an assessment, students may not be missing any assignments. Retakes must be done before the next primary assignment.  It is suggested to retake within a week.   Retakes can be done before school or after school, this must be scheduled with the teacher.

If absent for a period of time, the student will have the same amount of time to complete assignments. (ex. Absent for 3 days, the student will have 3 days to complete the assignment.)  

Required and Recommended Materials 


        I am here early in the morning and am available some days after school.  It would be best to e-mail me to schedule a day and time.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Websites and online resources used in class