Biology Application

Student Name:

  • Essay Requirement: 
  • Essay: You need to write at least 2 paragraphs and no more than one page on the following topics.

Why do you want to be in Biology?

Explain how you plan to be successful in this class.

Why is Biology the right class for you?

Why is it important to you to be in this class?

  • When you have complied your essay, staple it to the back of this application form and submit it to your current 8th grade Science Teacher.

This section to be completed by the student’s teacher.

Current Grade in Science

Current Citizenship in Science

Current Grade in Math

Has this student been an attendance concern? Y/N     

Does this student actively participate in class discussions? Y/N 

If no, can this person learn to do so? Y/N

Comments: ______________________________________________________________


Teacher, please turn in completed application form to Mrs. Roberts.  Thank you.


This section is for committee meeting.

Approved for Biology: ___________  Recommended for Earth Science: ___________

*Please note that application to Biology does not guarantee acceptance into the class.  

**Students taking Biology in 9th grade will be required to take Physics as a sophomore in high school.