Dear Person,

As you may or may not know, all club costs come out of the AKRFC general operating budget which is largely supported by membership dues.  

We are always looking for opportunities to elevate the athleticism and competitiveness of our Club by being able to fund more rugby related activities (new equipment, clinics, coaching staff, etc) as well as non-rugby related expenditures (seed for the field, supplies to maintain our shed, etc).  

We would love to hear your ideas and we want to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone, so we are providing a list of questions that will need to be answered.

Please fill out as completely as able. Please don’t be overwhelmed, some items can be updated during the planning process, but please consider each item.


Christina Chiappetta



Title/Type of Fundraiser:

Please describe in detail the vision you have for your proposed fundraiser:

What is your goal for your fundraiser (is there a specific purchase or team you are trying to help out, specific dollar amount goal that you are trying to achieve)?







Do you need a permit from a municipality (city/park/street/police dept)?

Financial Requirements

What will participants be purchasing and/donating? 

How will money be collected? (Cash/check/credit)

Do you need to use the club swipe for credit card payments/donations?

Do you need to use PayPal (online purchases)? 

Will there be advanced donations/payments?

Do you need to provide participants proof of their donation? 

Who will be responsible for money collected and completing the summary report? 

People Requirements

What specific tasks need to be completed BEFORE the fundraiser?

How many Albany Knickerbockers will you need to staff the event?

What are the specific costs associated with your fundraiser (cups/shirts/print materials, etc.)?

How many people do you expect to attend/participate?

What is the minimum number of people needed to attend/participate to make a profit?

What specific tasks need to be completed DURING the fundraiser?


Will there be alcohol served?

Who will serve alcohol?

Will the event be exclusive to 21 years and older?

Contact Info

Contact person and phone number from the Albany Knickerbocker Rugby Club:

Name (First & Last):


Phone (note if not cell):

Contact person and phone number from the community:

Name (First & Last, Business Association):



Please note this is a proposal--- the Executive Committee will review and respond to your proposal based on your responses before approval.